A true spiritual awakening is not about a religious experience (although it may include one). Last summer, I had a chance to attend a dance performance in Houston. (I had never attended a dance…not even a ballet)

We made our way into the theater and an usher showed us to our seats.  What followed is hard to explain.  The performance was breath-taking.  Time passed without my notice and the intermission appeared out of nowhere.

I had experienced times of wonder and awe at musical performances and this was similar.  I knew that something unseen had occurred in that theater, and it made me realize what a powerful analogy this experience is of the balance of function between religion and spirituality.

Religion is an usher who shows us our place in the theater.  It is the performance that we observe.

The awakening of the spirit is the unseen bandit which kidnaps our breath as we experience the performance. The awakening of the spirit is that which brings a tear to our eye or causes our hearts to fill with joy.

Awareness reminds us of who we are and the power of what lies within. The awakening is not the actual music or dance, but it is that unseen thing which happens within us when we become aware of ourselves it its presence.

True Spiritual Awakening is about experiencing the present moment…it is a Timeless Sense of Awareness.

We think of time as a linear experience made up of segments such as “past, present,” and “future.”  Timelessness by my definition, has to do less with the construct of time and more to do with our experience.

Our experience is entirely located in the present moment.  This moment is the only reality, and it is the framework within which we experience our whole life.

The senses are the manner in which we relate to our world–taste, feel, smell, sound, sight.  But there really is a sixth sense and it has carried many names–intuition, gut feeling, insight, instinct.  All describe this sixth sense.

The intuition or the “gut feeling” is the sense that allows us to experience the bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds.  The sixth sense is where we reach out and “touch” the unseen.  We tend to put great stock in the five physical senses, but the sixth is no less real (and perhaps even more so).

For the sake of our definition, awareness refers the experience of recognizing the consciousness. Awareness is not the consciousness, but it is the one who observes the consciousness.

Awareness is the ability to become cognizant of the present moment and to be able to observe our own experience of it. This leaves us then with a final, precise definition of a True Spiritual Awakening…

An intuitive experience of consciousness in the eternal present.

Why a True Spiritual Awakening?

1. Awareness is the only reality

2. Awareness releases the power of the Spirit and empowers us to act (or not)

3. Awareness leads us to peace and love which are the only eternal truths.

Why the Hell Should I Care About a True Spiritual Awakening ?!?

I know you’re thinking it….even if you agree with the points I made (at least most of them)…or even if you disagree.

It all seems so metaphysical….so mushy.

Give me something real! Give me some tips…a list of do’s and don’ts…something. Anything. 

Make it black and white.

The problem is that it isn’t black and white.  It’s not cut and dry. And yet, at the same time, it is.

Here’s the Skinny (mostly because I love that expression)…

1. Love is all that exists.

2. Awareness of the fact is peace.