Wait No More, Practice Yoga For Back Pain Relief !


Heal Your Lower Back Pain By Practicing Yoga | Why Should You Practice Yoga For Back Pain Relief?

In countries like the United States, problems like back pain are quite common. It is true that at a certain point in life, we all suffer from back pain. It can arise due to stress, sitting in the same chair the whole day, involving in lots of physical work, menstruation, etc. In short, back pain can arise whether or not you are involved in physical labor. Now that the problem seeks no particular cause, you should be aware of its treatment.

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Yoga For Back Pain Relief

These days, yoga is becoming a rising trend. Mostly, people practice it for the toned and healthy body but yoga has much more to offer if performed regularly. Apart from toning body and making it healthy, it is a very good treatment for various body problems like back pain, neck pain, an excess of fat, flexibility, and for achieving tranquility. There is not just one or two yoga for back pain relief but multiple, the only thing that is needed is to start practicing. Quitting it all of a sudden can return your back pain, therefore, it is must to be performed daily with correct technique daily.

What type of yoga should be chosen for the healing of lower back pain and what should be the technique of performing those poses?

Although there are numerous yoga types but not all can heal your back pain. For instance, if you practice Kapalbhati after hearing about its wide benefits, you can enjoy those benefits but what you cannot have it as the solution to your back pain. Therefore, before starting yoga poses, you must be well-acquainted about the type of poses that can solve the purpose. Therefore, down here are given few points, go through them and see, what kind of yoga poses must be chosen in case of lower back pain.

  • As the nearest movable portion attached to the lower back is the hips, therefore, seek poses that involve the movement of the pelvic part. While its movement, it will stretch the muscles of the lower back too thus helping out your back pain.
  • Perform the pose that you chose for at least 30 minutes a day. Don’t just perform 1 poses in these 30 minutes. Choose different poses and perform for equal intervals.
  • Yoga that involves stretching on your lower back is the ultimate yoga for yoga for back pain relief.
  • Starting with the minimum of 5 minutes at one pose, increase the time as you progress.
  • Make sure that you don’t skip to the final step in one pose. Perform step by step, if you actually want to meet the result else it is just like making a pose and giving it the name of yoga.
  • As the whole body is connected through bones and muscles, perform poses that involve the maximum movement of almost all parts. It is a solution not just for lower back pain but for any number of body problems.
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Are You Suffering From Severe Lower Back Pain? 5 Yoga Stretches to Help Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

In case, you are th

inking of taking pills for solving back pain problem then you must be aware of the fact that pills cannot solve such problems.  Have you not seen in movies or in clinics that doctor gives a jerk to the hand and or leg and the dislocate bone gets located? Well, lower back pain is not the case of dislocated bone but it can be solved by producing movement in this part. Therefore, if you want a solution to this then you must start practicing yoga as it has many poses that require movement of the back and the concerned part i.e. pelvic joint. Moreover, practicing yoga other than solving your back pain problem can bless you with flexibility, healthy and toned body and become your lifesaver from many diseases. therefore, if you are curious about knowing more about it than practice the 5 yoga poses mentioned below and say ‘Goodbye’ to your lower back pain.

 Yoga for Back Pain Relief: 5 Poses To Beat The Backpain ASAP

Downward dog

Yoga Pose Procedure –
To perform, stand straight and bend your body like a mountain on your floor. Stand with the support of only your hands and feet. Keep the back and knee straight. Don’t raise your feet, flatten them on the floor. Make sure that you lift your hips as much as you can till you feel a somewhat soothing stretch on your back.

Benefit –
This really is a great yoga pose for your back pain. It introduces pressure on your back and involves some pain that acts like a soothing remedy.


Yoga Pose Procedure –
To perform, sit on your feet and keep both the hand on the floor between the feet. Now slowly raise the entire body in the air only with the support of your hands. Keep the gaze on the floor and wait for 5 minutes before releasing.

Benefit –
Also known as crane pose, this pose resembles very much like a crane. It requires a compact arm balance, patience and muscle power to hold the body all in your hand.

Child’s pose

Yoga Pose Procedure –
In-come into the pose, sit on your bent legs with back straight and raise both the hand straight into the air. Now take them forward till to touch them to the floor. Your nose should also touch the floor. Sit for 5 minutes and feel the muscles intensifying and stretching in your back.

Benefit –
Although this pose looks very simple easy but sometimes you need not try hard to meet the goal.


Yoga Pose Procedure –
Stand straight and raise both the arms. Without bending, take them backward slowly till they land on the ground. You may also do it while lying. Bend knees and both the arms backward. Now raise the entire front in the air.

Benefit –
It resembles more like an upward bow. Talking about yoga for back pain relief, you must not miss this one.  Although, it may seem little hard to some but it is the only pose where you can feel the pressure building on your back and it start healing soon.

Pigeon pose

Yoga Pose Procedure –
All you need to do is lie down and with face towards the floor and try to raise the torso in the air with the support of your arms. Be in the position for 5 minutes and try to produce as much stretch as you can.

Benefit –
The pose is simple enough to be performed by everyone.

Practicing Yoga for back pain relief is a great solution for those who want to do away with this for the lifetime and want to meet other benefits also at the same time. therefore, make sure that you perform it daily without any break.

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