Top 8 Yoga Types And Their Benefits To Your Body


Which Yoga Types Is Best for Me?

Would you like to know which yoga types suit you to the most ?! Hey, Don’t wait anymore !  Discover these 8 different yoga types and their benefits to your body. Yoga is an ancient discipline which originated in India and is practiced worldwide by a myriad lot of people today. Practicing yoga daily on a regular basis gives you numerous health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, anxiety, stress relief, increased strength and bone density.

Many folks who do not understand the importance of yoga in one’s life say that it is a slow and boring practice or that they are not able to make the postures. The truth is that they are ignorant about what yoga is.

There are different yoga types and their benefits for each and every body type. If you identify it correctly, you can completely get benefit out of it. In the end, all these yoga types offer you a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

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Which Yoga Types Is Best For Me? Check In Different Types Of Yoga Asanas And Its Benefits !

We have collected detailed information about the types of yoga according to the end result which it would give you. You can choose them according to what your health goal is. For beginners, it is always better to start with beginner style yoga. However, you can choose intense yoga types to lose weight and be in shape.

For Beginners – Iyengar style yoga

If you are starting with yoga from the beginning, you can go on for some introductory lessons. The Iyengar style yoga is a traditional yoga method with a slight different in the poses, which have been created with a purpose. They were developed by BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi. iyengar yoga poses is best for those who want to start yoga from the scratch, as their orientations are slow paced. You may require properties such as blocks, straps or blankets to obtain correct postures.

  iyengar yoga benefits :

Another main advantage of an Iyengar yoga is that it helps you recover from injuries such as lower back pain relief.

For strength and  stamina – Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga poses involves a series of poses ( ashtanga yoga series ) which are performed without any pause in between, thus resulting in a power packed workout. These are the best exercises to lose fat fast and yes you will sweat a lot!

 Ashtanga yoga benefits :

The calorie burn in this type of yoga is also terrific, with nearly 500 calories burnt per hour.  Ashtanga yoga’s series of heavily repeated steps strengthens your bones and improves stamina to a great extent.

For beating stress – Hatha yoga

The etymology of the word ‘Hatha’ arises from ‘Ha’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘tha’ meaning ‘moon’. Similar to its origin, this yoga style focuses on balancing your body’s energy and deepens the mind-body connection. Hatha yoga also includes meditation, deep inhalation, and relaxing poses, which will calm your mind. Hatha yoga is nothing but the traditional yoga which is commonly practiced.

For fitness freaks – Power yoga poses

We often would have heard that power yoga is one of the best tips to lose weight fast naturally. It is 100% true, as this power yoga benefits you to attain great strength and flexibility. It is very similar to Ashtanga yoga except that it follows rhythmic breathing along with a power packed poses.

Power yoga benefits :

Power yoga workouts encompasses a variety of styles including exercises which focus on tightening your stomach, hips, thighs and back.

For spirituality – Kundalini yoga

Do you wanna know

– what is kundalini yoga and its significance ? Kundalini yoga poses has got a more philosophical and spiritual approach compared to the other styles of yoga. The Kundalini yoga sessions are comprised of breathing exercises mainly –  pranayamas , meditation , chanting and yoga postures.

kundalini yoga benefits :

This yoga style awakens your spiritual energy by raising it up from the base of your spine through the chakras of your body. The pranayama or the alternate nostril breathing methods unleash your power from within.

For relaxation – Anusara yoga

Similar to Hatha yoga, practicing of anusara yoga poses gives you ample time to explore your inner self and discover peace. This yoga type involves movements more than Iyengar style and lesser then Ashtanga yoga type / style.

Anusara yoga benefits :

As your yoga instructor chants instructions to calm your mind, listen to it with closed eyes while you perform your movements. This will keep you more involved in the meditation session.

Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners – Bikram yoga poses

Generally, holding a bikram yoga poses sustainably for a particular duration burns calories. To fasten this process, the yoga classes are conducted in rooms which are preheated to 105 degrees and the humidity is set to 40%. You would be drenched in sweat by the end of your yoga session. Thus, it’s also known as ” bikram hot yoga ” .

The yoga session is generally 90 minutes and involves 2 cycles of 26 poses. You will be holding the poses for 1.5 minutes in the first cycle and 30 seconds in the second cycle. If you have a wedding, party or any function coming up and you want to lose certain pounds for it, go ahead and practice.

Bikram yoga benefits :

Bikram yoga poses is considered as the best yoga for weight loss and are known to be as the best exercises to lose fat fast and naturally. You will see live results within 6 days of practicing this yoga style.

Limitation in practicing bikram yoga weight loss poses

But make sure that consult your doctor before starting Bikram yoga. This style of yoga is not recommended for diabetic and heart patients.

For flexibility – Yin yoga

Yin yoga poses follows a calm and relaxed style of practising the poses. You move gradually into the poses and maintain the pose for up to 5 minutes to obtain a greater stretch. This yoga activates your nervous system and helps you to recover from pain and stress. A meditation music, scented candles, and Yin yoga – a divine experience!

Yin yoga benefits :

Yin yoga concentrates on strengthening the connective tissues, muscles and joints compared to other yoga styles. People who are finding a hard time to relax can follow this yoga practice to lighten your mind and body.

Apart from the above discussion on the best yoga types and their benefits/ best yoga styles, you can find in performing thsese different types of yoga asanas and be fit. Choosing the right yoga style which suits your body type and purpose, enables you to completely benefit out of it. This ancient discipline not just helps you to calm down, relax,  lose weight or increase flexibility, but does much more than that, which you will realize by starting to practice yoga daily.   

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