Top 7 Best Homemade Shaving Creams


Difficult as it may sound, homemade shaving creams are not impossible. Shaving creams in the market nowadays are not so healthy for the skin as they claim. They leave your skin burning and irritating. It’s because of all those chemicals they put in shaving creams. So we find out a few of your own homemade shaving creams free of any harmful chemical, very effective and quite easier to make.

Is it possible to get same old soft, fluffy silk skin of your legs and face with a homemade shaving cream? Why don’t you try one of these out and let us know? I know that I am much happier with these homemade creams than I was with commercial shaving creams.

1. Coconut Oil Shaving Cream

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer meaning you won’t be having trouble with dry skin afterward. You will require 1/4 cup of aloe vera, the same amount of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil.

homemade coconut oil shaving cream

How to make coconut oil shaving cream:

Mix all of these thoroughly after melting the coconut oil and store in a container. While using, apply a thin film of the mixture over the area you want to shave and then shave. The essential oil is added to avoid after shave burning or irritation. Depending on the essential oil you choose, it may have different effects. Aloe vera, on the other hand, softens the hair making the shaving far smoother. Any risk of cut will be far lesser with aloe vera.

2. Shea Nut Oil Shaving Cream

This shaving cream is just an improved version of coconut oil shaving cream. Instructions are clear, try to follow them until the end. You will require 2/3 cup of shea nut oil and coconut oil, 1/4th cup of olive oil, a few drops of peppermint oil, 2 tbsp of baking soda and if you want 1-2 vitamin E capsules.

shea nut oil cream

How to make shea nut oil shaving cream at home

Steps are quite simple. Melt up the coconut oil and shea nut oil together and then add 1/4th cup of oil in it. Stir it well. Add a few drops of peppermint oil in the mixture.

Keep the container with the mixture in your freezer and wait for it to harden. You have to make a paste of the mixture. Once hardened, let it soften a bit and then you can use it as a shaving cream.

Otherwise, add 2 tbsp of baking soda to the mixture and make a fine paste. Adding vitamin E is not essential and is entirely your choice but vitamin E is considered to make skin healthy. Now use this paste as a skin-friendly homemade shaving cream.

3. Glycerine, Soap & Coconut oil Shaving Cream

This shaving cream will actually feel like cream and I definitely hope that you like this one. You will require half a cup of grated castile soap, water, 1/8th cup of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil.

clycerin and soap shaving cream

How to make glycerine, soap & coconut oil shaving cream

Soak the soap in water overnight. In the morning, melt coconut oil, glycerine together and add it to the soaked soap. Blend the mixture thoroughly until you see the paste, add a few drops of essential oil to bring out a nice odor. Transfer it to a container of your choice. Your shaving cream is ready.

4. Mint Rosemary Shaving Cream

It is not so different from Shea nut oil shaving cream but as it has plenty of oils, you will never have post shaving dry skin. These oils make it special in its own way. You will need a 1/3rd cup of shea butter, almond oil, and virgin coconut oil. Add 10 drops of rosemary oil and about 5-6 drops of peppermint oil.

How to make mint rosemary shaving cream

Put shea butter and coconut oil in double boiler and heat until they

melt. Remove the mixture from the boiler and add almond oil to it. Stir till they are well mixed now add rosemary oil and peppermint oil, mix with stirring. Keep the shaving cream in a cold dry place. Use it using a finger, apply on the legs. This is preferable shaving cream for the individual with highly sensitive skin.

5. Honey Olive Shaving Cream

This is for honey lovers, who know honey can be used in making shaving creams. You will need a 1/4th cup of honey, liquid castile soap, olive oil, 2 tbsp of shea butter and 10 drops of essential oil. You will also need a mixture and a container to keep the shaving cream.

honey olive shaving cream

How to make honey olive shaving cream

Add 2 tbsp of shea butter and 1/4th cup of olive oil in the container and heat them together. Heat it till you see them melting, now cool the mixture for about 5 minutes. Add 1/4th cup of honey, liquid castile soap and essential oil to the mixture. Stir the mixture vigorously until it is thoroughly mixed, your shaving cream is ready for application. Transfer the cream in your chosen container.

6. Homemade Shaving Bars As Shaving Cream

These are homemade shaving bars but they are as frothy and effective as shaving creams. You can easily use them on your face, legs and anywhere on the skin. They keep skin well moisturized. The required item for making Shaving Bars are a 1/4th cup of shea butter, 1/4th cup of coconut oil, 1/4th cup of beeswax, 1200 IU vitamin E and a  few drops of essential oil. You will also need some molds for shaping the bars. Choose an innovative one.

How to make shaving bars

Heat 1/4th cup of wax, olive oil, and shea butter until the melt. After melting, mix vitamin E and essential oil by stirring. Now pour this mixture into your chosen molds. Make sure that all ingredients are well mixed before pouring them into the molds. Now let the mixture cool and harden. After cooling remove the bars from the mold and wrap them in plastic or keep them in a soap container. Your shaving bars are ready to be used.

7. Essential Oils Shaving Cream

I named it essential oil shaving cream, for it contains loads of essential oils. Frankly, the name doesn’t matter, you choose whatever name you prefer for this delight of a shaving cream. The requirements for this shaving cream are a lot compared to all the previous ones, so be attentive. You will need 10-15 drops of few essential oils –  patchouli essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lemon essential oil, 1/8th cup of beeswax, 1/4th cup of almond oil, 1/4th cup of jojoba oil, 1200 IU vitamin E and some water.

How to make essential oils shaving cream

Add wax, jojoba oil and almond oil in a double boiler and heat them till the melting point. Meanwhile, boil some water in a different container. Mix this boiled water with melted wax and oil with vigorous stirring. Cool this mixture for about 5 minutes and then add all the essential oils and vitamin E. Stir vigorously. Stop when you see creamy consistency. Transfer the cream into a container and keep it in a fridge. The mixture is bound to spoil if not used for a long time. Otherwise, there is no other negative point for this shaving cream.

These were your top 7 homemade shaving creams free of any sort of chemical. With these homemade shaving creams, all your shaving problems will vanish away.

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