Tips For a Successful Beach Trip With Kids


Summer temperatures are really starting to heat up, and it’s time for those beach trips! Ahhh, the sun, waves and sand.  Is there honestly anything more zen?? Hmm…possibly.  Kids + Beach doesn’t usually = Zen….at least not when you’re unprepared! Here are a few tips to think of ahead of time to make your beach trip is as stress-free and successful as possible!

Tips For a Successful Beach Trip With Kids

Wagon/Beach Buggy:  To make your beach trip more stress-free and convenient, think first how you’re going to GET to the sand! If you have kids, you know the amount of baby gear you need to bring the beach could be unbearable.  Sunscreen, beach tents, snacks, beverages, baby powder (gets that stubborn sand off!), water shoes, swim diapers….I could go on forever! Bring along a nice-sized wagon or beach buggy with big wheels that will bring all of your gear in one trip!

Tent/Sun Shade: Especially if you have really little ones who shouldn’t be hanging out much in the sun, a tent is a must-have addition to your beach day!  A small baby tent or even a larger, Pop-up canopy tent that is easy to set up and take down is perfect to keep your babies out of the sun!

Good Water Bottles:  I am absolutely in love with Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles.  They come in super fun colors and they just came out with new insulated water bottles, too, that keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours!! There is nothing more refreshing than ice cold beverages on a hot, sticky summer day.

Klean Kanteen first popped up on my radar when I started really looking into all the plastic sippy cups my son had lying around.

Not only were plastic cups extremely annoying and collected mold in every tiny nook and cranny, but after much research, it became clear that plastic is not the ideal container for any beverage, long term.  Studies show that plastics contain chemicals that can leech into beverages.

I’m not just talking about BPA (Bisphenol A).  Most of us know that 99% of retailers have taken that chemical compound out of their products due to its known health risks.  I’m sure you see most companies now proudly presenting “BPA free!” on all of their plastic items.

The ban came after manufacturers’ responded to consumer concerns of BPA’s safety after several studies found the chemical mimics estrogen and could harm brain and

reproductive development in fetuses, infants and children.  Uhh, that seems like a pretty big deal to me.

So, BPA is out.  But what do they replace BPA with? Normally, I have been finding that many companies replace BPA with BPS (Bisphenol S).  Unfortunately, the outlook doesn’t look good for that compound either. One of many studies have shown that BPS has increased hyperactivity and neural growth development in fish after being exposed.

I didn’t want to count chemicals and I certainly didn’t want to cringe every time my son took a sip out of his plastic cup, so I looked for other safer, sustainable options.

Stainless bottle offers a safe, healthy, lightweight, reusable bottle free of Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol S (BPS) and any other toxic substances. My son LOVES his!

I fell in love right away with the rainbow of colors they showcase.  The color of my son’s bottle is Lagoon Blue.  He has a sippy top that is shown in the picture and I also got him a Sport Cap too, for when he does sporting events and for when he grows out of the sippy top (*tear*)

Not only are they great for my children, they’re great for me, too! I live a pretty active lifestyle and I need a water bottle on me at all times, or I just simply forget to drink enough!!

 I always drink more when drinking from cute bottles.  Let’s be honest, don’t you too!?

The brand new Insulated Bottle is super lightweight, doesn’t make my drinks taste funny like other water bottles do, are super durable and keep those drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours!

The bottle also offers stainless steel food containers, growlers (Think beer, juice, kombucha!), tumblers, baby bottles and steel cups!

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