Inspire new trends to redecorate your room completely. Make your headboard, choose from the latest wallpapers and opt for the colors in vogue.

When you return to your room, you feel a wave to the soul. The wallpaper does not please you anymore, the curtains look gray, and the furniture is outdated. And if it was time to redecorate your bedroom? Change everything! Inspire new trends to rethink your cozy nest completely. Make your headboard, choose from the latest wallpapers and opt for the colors in fashion.

Original wallpapers

It is these wallpapers that turn your room into an extraordinary world. Why not create a 100% soothing ambiance with optical illusion wallpapers? Do you like nature? Choose a beautiful photo on a wall wallpaper. Fall asleep in London, New York or Paris.

Want to change the universe radically? Modify in every point your room and create a universe old house of Provence or Savoyard cottage. Choose wallpapers optical illusion imitation old stone or paneling. This wallpaper will marry perfectly with a parquet flooring floating or not to make a cozy cocoon.

nature wallpaper
A beautiful nature photo as wallpaper for a soothing room.

Trendy colors

Are you looking for the right idea to revamp your room, tone it up or give it character? Only change the color of your walls. If we say that we must pay attention to the colors, it does not prevent that the choice remains vast among the so-called cold colors. For Prussian blue or cloud blue, deep hues or a sky blue. In a complementary color, you can bring touches of yellow, even pumpkin.

The green also returns to fashion and acclimates perfectly in a room. Choose soft shades like a water green or an almond green. For a room dedicated to rest, in addition to natural colors such as beige, taupe or gray, purple is perfect. Suitable for meditation, it is better to opt for lilac or purple shades. Find more ideas for painting your room.

With this new interior for your cozy nest, would not it be the perfect time to change your bed linen?

Very trendy, the brown to brighten up your room.


When you want to redo the decor of his room, the choice of bed linen is essential. No need to transform everything if you kept your bed linen 15 years ago.

  • Keep the flower bed ornaments for a room with mauve hues for example or the romantic atmosphere
  • If you have chosen a vibrant tapestry with touches of dark gray, black or red, you can harmonize with a modern bedding or graphic prints.
  • In a room with taupe or beige hues, choose a beautiful set of sheets with chocolate hues
Give character to your room with this adornment effect skin !

To be sure of not making a mistake, choose your sheets so that they recall the wall color or to create a two-tone atmosphere. You can also match them to the curtains. Finally, if your walls are white, then all patterns are allowed!

The furniture

That’s it, with all these changes your room takes on a new look, and you already feel better. To make a trendy and modern decor, you will not be able to keep the wardrobe of your grandmother, unless you customize it. To do so, know that it is possible to give new life to your old furniture by repainting them.

In the rooms, we tend to keep a square design, well aligned. To radically change, destructure the space. One of the first things you can do is create a headboard. If many people think of headboards made of wood slats, know that some are real storage furniture. In the same style, you can opt for bridges that encompass the bed, offer enormous storage capacity.

Save in storage while creating a module in a room.

It is also possible to create a multitude of storage spaces to slide under a window, in a bench seat at the foot of the bed, in a small area by diverting the first use of a shelf. She sells right? And if you turn it the other way to extend it? Ikea, Fly, Alinéa even with a small budget you can make dressings, storage chests fabulous.

Elongated shelf: save space by adding seating and storage!

The objects ultra deco

The decoration of a nice cozy and ultra trendy room would not be stylish, without LEDs, lights or small decorative objects. Do not necessarily look to make it useful. Its purposes are there only to bring the finishing touch to the new decor of your room.


Candles: essential to create an atmosphere both fragrant and romantic candles are crucial. They will diffuse light and delicate odor when lit, or of different sizes, they will form a superb set.

A mood light: Create your mood light. To do this, there is nothing more comfortable than a garland. Composed with several leads, run your crown along with a wall, around a mirror or for a milky way effect, behind a veil.

The cushions: to bring the final touch ultra cozy and comfortable, the cozy room must include the pillows. Multiple shapes, colors, stack them. The cushions will immediately transport you an impression of sweetness, and you will want to curl up in your bed.

Carpets and curtains: bringing you a touch of softness in the morning when you wake up, the rug will have many virtues. On the one hand, it will isolate your feet from the cold especially if you have a tile, but also it will serve as insulation against noise from neighbors. In the same way, a curtain, especially if it is thick and with the insulating power will protect you from the cold, the noise and will finish the decoration of your room. Choose the shade of your curtains based on your wall decor and the overall mood of your room. So choose last.