The Best YOGA way to stay Healthy


Yoga— the Indian way to losing weight and living healthy—has an uncanny ability to make everything in life a little easier, including weight loss. How could a few minutes of deep breathing and gentle yoga stance help anyone drop pounds? Here’s exactly how. This International Yoga Day, we asked a yoga expert about her journey. Lola barn wasn’t always the glowing, calming presence she is today.

“When I look back and see how unhappy I was with my own body and compare that with my present achievement, I feel proud of the fact that I never gave up, because what the mind believes, the body achieves. Yoga helped me in finding peace with my inner-self and in remaining proud of my body, no matter what shape or size!”

Lola barn’s Yoga Journey

My Yoga journey began alongside the start of my college life. My increasing body fat was not a source of disgrace but rather a self-dislike sign. Since then, yoga has become an integral part of my life, as well as my daily routine. Yoga helped me through those days when I thought I just couldn’t go on.

I have been regularly following my Yoga regime over the past 4 years at least 5 times a week. What surprises me is the self-acknowledgement of the drastic change in myself.

The voyage isn’t about how fast you lose weight; it’s about taking steps every day to make yourself better. This isn’t a temporary solution to being fit overnight & quitting the second things feel better. Instead, it is a lifestyle that you adapt gradually. Quick fixes will only trouble you more.

And with time, I have seen if you put your heart and soul to it and make real efforts, you will see the results.

Ready to melt fat without breaking a sweat?! Let’s hear about the most effective Yoga Poses from Lola.


“I love doing all the postures, but these three are my most favourite.”


This pose helps in improving postures and relieving back pain. It also improves the reproductive system and digestive system as it stretches out the intestines and the stomach and increases memory and concentration power. And yes, It’s a stress buster too!

So try out this pose and holding it for 30 seconds!

yoga camel pose

Hanuman asana (Monkey Pose of Yoga)

It stretches the muscles in the hamstrings and thighs and improves their functionality. Hips get flexible with regular practice of this asana.

In case you are a beginner I would suggest you place a small pillow or a blanket below your knees to avoid any


yoga monkey pose

Locust Pose (Yoga – Shalabasana)

It Increases flexibility and strength of the entire back, and it also strengthens shoulders and arms. It’s great for the neck and shoulders muscles and also helps improves digestion.

shalab asana yoga

Yoga is more than just a fitness regime; it’s a practice, a habit, a way of life.

She recalls being ravenous after class, paying little attention to what or how much she ate. Now she’s back on the mat, and the pounds are falling off again. It makes you pay attention and thinks differently.

Thinking differently also implies acknowledging that you’re human. Sometimes you might go into that dark place of self-criticism or end up overeating from time to time. But it’s so lovely to have this tool to get back on track. When it happens, you can always come to your mat and say, ‘All right. Now breathe.’

Changes in the body change the mind, which brings changes in behaviour, which reinforces changes in both body and mind. In this case, what’s profound is what this virtuous loop ultimately changes: the body’s very size and shape.

Lola’s stick-with-it YOGA secrets

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, try and incorporate these tips that will help you get going.

  • Don’t look for shortcuts; look for a new hobby in working out. Find something that makes you smile while you sweat.
  • Love what you do, the more you love what you do, the more likely you are to stick to it daily and make it a habit.
  • Always remember where you started and how far you have reached. Be proud of yourself, the changes are hard-earned even little changes, and no one can take away your achievements.
  • Work on getting stronger, work on becoming more confident, and work on respecting yourself enough to make you happy. Happiness does not only come from physical self; it’s a mixture of emotional, mental and spiritual too.
  • Eat clean, eat for energy and once In a while when you want to hog, do it but do not feel guilty about it because you aren’t going to get fat overnight.

Yoga for you??

A BIG ‘Thank You’ to Lola for sharing her success story with Team Fitness Hack. I am sure after reading her inspirational story you’ll never say “I can’t” again!

There’s no big secret as to how she transformed. There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

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