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Home Alone is airing all over the TV stations and we all know what that means: the holidays are here! Check out these ideas to have yourself a crafty Christmas.  Presents ought to be bought, dinners planned and decorations placed for everyone to take joy. If you don’t want to repeat your previous décor or you don’t want to have identical ornaments as your neighbor, then you’re the perfect candidate for making your own handmade decorations. We are going to list some of our favorite suggestions on how to spice up your rooms and brighten your guests’ first glance.

Candle holder

Romantic, festive, energy savers – you name it, the candles have it! Take things up a notch and snuggle your candle holder in a wonderful crochet red Christmas star? Knit several similar stars from scrap yarn in pretty holiday colors, place them around the living room and you have the perfect ambient for hot cocoa and good stories.

Knitted cushion covers

Are your pillows warn out, their color faded from all the snuggling and the fabric stretched? It’s time to give them new life and what better way to do so than by giving them a new, woolen groove! You’ll need quality yarn, knitting needles and a bit of eagerness to make it fresh and cozy again. If you don’t have much time for shopping, you can browse for your yarn online and discover a variety of natural and even recycled yarns for you to use.

Perfectly plaid Christmas stocking

Each pottery barn christmas stocking is delightfully traditional! If you want to stick to the old school classics, you can’t go wrong with the traditional stocking above the mantelpiece. Although they are intended for keeping small presents, they may also serve as simple decoration. Instead of buying them at the nearest store, why not knit your own designs and even embed the name of your guests? That would be a welcome bonus!

Card Tree

Take the festive

opportunity to do even the simplest things, like storing Christmas cards, in the most fun way you can. Instead of stuffing them on a dusty shelf why not craft your own Christmas card tree? For this, you will need to take two wooden dowels and cut them into five pieces. Begin with 8 inches and then enlarge each piece by 2 inches. Take the shortest dowel, fold two yards of ribbon in half and then place the dowel about 6 inches from the fold, spacing the rest 5 inches apart. Glue the dowels so they are firmly stuck between the two ribbon tails. You can start placing your greeting cards onto binder clips to hang.

Let there be light!

There is no winter celebration without a proper light show! If you already have the last year’s flashy light bulbs, reuse them this season in a whole new light (pun intended): take a wire wreath frame and wrap the wired lights all around it for a new exciting twist. Hang it as a centerpiece in the living room or the dining room for everyone to see.

It’s all in the PRESENTation

We all know that out of all the décor, the tree steals the show every year. Besides lavish and charming ornaments, is there a better way to compliment your tree than with holiday presents? Make the gifts irresistible for opening by wrapping them up to match the overall decoration theme. Pick monochromatic colors from your decoration palette, keep it simple and minimalistic, there’s no need to go overboard with colors and accessories, the wraps are going to be ripped in a matter of seconds, anyway. Happy Holidays and Have Yourself A Crafty Christmas!

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