Simple & Delicious Fruit Smoothie Recipe


Smoothies are no longer the domain of the super-healthy or super overpriced juice bar. For anyone who’s in a rush and needs a delicious snack or struggles to get enough fruit or veg into their diet, they’re a lifesaver. I got a super compact, super affordable blender a few years ago and have been loving making smoothie concoctions for a fast breakfast or snack ever since.

delicious smoothie recipe

My mum even jumped on the bandwagon and now she makes them even more often than I do. Whenever I visit home, I’m forever opening cupboards and discovering new ingredients she’s throwing into her daily smoothies. Dates, seeds, powders, you name it.

I like to keep things pretty simple in my smoothies. Not too many bells and whistles. Some fruit. Some chia seeds. Milk or fruit juice to liquify everything. And sometimes the odd extra.

I thought I’d share one of my favourite recipes, if you can even call it that, of late. I’ll be honest with you – it’s basically just stuff I had on hand that I chucked together in a blender one day. It worked out really well though. The right combination of flavours in the consistency of a milkshake, rather than any of the watery or bitter creations I’ve sometimes ended up with.

Step One: Throw in whatever fruit you have on hand. My blender was one of the cheapest on

the market, but it still blends basically anything. I used a banana, a large handful of strawberries, and two clementines. Freeze the fruit if you want more a slushie-like texture.

Step Two: Add in 1-2 teaspoons of chia seeds. These are full of omega-3 and and fibre. So ditch the gross fish oil tablets and stock up on these instead. They become gelatinous in liquid and you can barely notice them.

Step Three: Add in 1-2 tablespoons of peanut or almond butter. I used almond butter, because I bought it and thought it was kind of gross. But it made this smoothie lovely and creamy. Plus it’s full of ‘healthy fats’, if you’re into that.

Step Four: Pour in a healthy serving of coconut milk. I love the flavour this adds to the smoothie. The amount you add is up to you, based on what consistency you want. Too little and your smoothie won’t blend, too much and it won’t have that thick milkshake-like texture.

Optional Extras: Pitted dates to add sweetness and even more creaminess. Dark chocolate chunks, especially if you’re using peanut butter – it’s delicious. Oats to make the smoothie even more filling.

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