[MUST SEE] New Yoga Trends For 2020


In today’s world, women are driven by the desire for “success”. Being an accomplished woman, a perfect mother, achieving personal and professional goals is a daily struggle. I suggest you discover a Yoga practice that accompanies your femininity by listening to your body and respecting your limits.

The Yoga of the Woman brings together the key elements of different yogas that associate, allow you to reconnect with your femininity, your sweetness, your emotional well being, physiological and physical.

By practicing it you will be able to live all the stages of your life of woman: premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, after birth, pre-menopause and menopause. You will stabilize your cycle, balance your hormonal and energy systems. You will enjoy a calm mind, a fulfilling sexuality and an inner and outer beauty.

1- Yoga & surf combination


Adopting a yoga posture is tantamount to finding yourself in a delicate situation on the wave. It is to remain calm in a stressful situation, that there was a real awareness of the importance of an adapted physical preparation (physical, mental, nutrition) and supervised by a professional, before taking the wave .

Yoga known for its postures that allow you to work on tone and relaxation, also improves suppleness, stimulates joint mobility, but also strengthens the deep muscles while toning the silhouette and contributing to a better recovery of the surfer. It’s also a great way to prepare your mind, and manage stress. Surf and yoga have become naturally, very complementary. Not to mention that they share common values ​​of surpassing oneself, of connection with nature, of escape, and are undeniably the bearers of a state of mind, the famous “free spirit”. A dimension of freedom and symbiosis with nature, very up-to-date.


As we know, yoga allows you to have a better awareness of your body in motion and to refine your proprioception. A notion of balance essential on a wave, where everything goes very fast and where, one must constantly keep control of one’s body and joints to avoid the injury.

In yoga, there are many specific exercises adapted to the surfer. Postures that improve breathing, muscle building and meditation. Useful exercises also for the control and the self-control, the improvement of the management of the stress and the concentration in the face of an unforeseen element (big wave, competition …). Other postures are also particularly useful for stretching muscle areas contracted after a surfing session, especially at the scapular, cervical, dorsal and lumbar level. Finally surfing, as the upper body (shoulders and upper back) is particularly stimulated. It is essential to strengthen and stretch this area in yoga, to improve its oar.

2- yoga wheel

Impossible to miss the Yoga Wheel. In recent years, all Yoga

lovers swear by this wheel. On Instagram or Youtube many exercise tutorials are available. Designed in 2015, the Yoga Wheel has become the most popular accessory for yogis. His goal: to support the body in the movements and guide it safely to the most correct posture. Also used in fitness and even for massage, this yoga wheel has revolutionized the daily lives of athletes. Made of ultra resistant material, the yoga wheel supports a maximum weight of about 200 kilos. Faced with success, yoga wheels are available. Wooden, plastic, in many different colors and sizes … There is something for everyone. What makes us crack? These wheels will soon become 100% green thanks to natural materials. But to choose your ally well-being, it is especially to check the width of the wheel. It must fit comfortably between the shoulder blades. Once found, you just have to go!


Easy to use, the Yoga Wheel seduces seasoned yogis as well as beginners. Ideal for transforming your Yoga session, this accessory really changes the practice. It allows to go further in the stretching, and makes possible the realization of some postures more advanced. According to the followers, this yoga wheel stretches the body deeply. The flexibility is then developed.

The Yoga Wheel helps open the rib cage and opens the shoulders to relieve accumulated tension and body aches. Thanks to various fun and original exercises, the muscles are strengthened and thus allow to work the balance.

Very useful to make the bodies forget the harmful effects of several hours of work while sitting, the wheel performs a real firm massage all along the spine. For pregnant women, it is useful for relieving lower back pain and softening the pelvis and adductors. A shock ally, therefore!


snow yoga

You’ll understand, it’s a contraction of snow and yoga! You will not be surprised if you are told that it is actually practicing yoga … in the snow!

The cold, beneficial when you exercise?
Unlike Bikram yoga, where it is a question of doing yoga in an overheated room, the Snowga relies on the supposed benefits of the cold and on the fact that it would be easier to relax outdoors.

It’s proven, outdoor exercise is better for morale!

You can go snowboarding with skis, before going down a track, or simply do your usual yoga postures, but in the snow!

Do not forget to cover yourself well and take your mattress with you to isolate yourself from the snow.

You will not be able to push back your yoga session on the pretext that it’s too cold to get out of under the duvet!

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