Making A Gingerbread House Using Graham Crackers


There’s nothing kids love more than building and decorating gingerbread houses. But who really wants to bake the gingerbread and actually construct the house? It takes hours of meticulous work, and nobody is really interested in that. What kids really want to do is to decorate gingerbread houses – it’s the decorating that really excites them.

So you can save yourself time and pain by building gingerbread houses the easy way using graham crackers. With graham crackers, you can make one gingerbread house for each of your children, nephews or nieces, and maybe have a gingerbread house-themed party for all the kids in the neighborhood. Many families have gingerbread houses for kids on their birthdays instead of cakes.

Gingerbread houses are so much fun, and with graham crackers they are so easy to construct. Let’s find out how to do that.

The instructions given here are child-friendly and can be used by children as well as adults.
First, get the following…

  • 10 whole graham crackers (You will need 8 graham crackers for the house and 2 for the roof)
  • An extra large tray
  • A can of white frosting
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • Candies, as many as possible, to decorate the house. Some of the options you may want to consider are gumdrops, red licorice, chocolate kisses and hard candies.
  • A plastic bag
  • A spoon
  • A butter knife
  • A pair of scissors

Then, follow these instructions to build a gingerbread house using graham crackers.

  1. Wash your hands before getting started.
  2. The first thing to do is to prepare the frosting. Take 1 cup of frosting and add not more than ¼ tsp cream of tartar to it. The frosting may be homemade or store-bought. Adding the cream of tartar to the frosting makes it harder – which allows the house to stand up.
  3. Next, put the frosting into a small plastic bag and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag, which allows you to squeeze the frosting out of it.
  4. The frosting serves as the perfect glue. Now, take
    four graham crackers and arrange them in a rectangle on the tray.
  5. Take two half-sized graham crackers and glue them to the sides to complete the box.
  6. As it dries, prop the walls of the house against a book or a box so that the house stands straight.
  7. Next, put some frosting on the corners of the two remaining graham crackers. Place the two crackers on either side of the house, to form a peak. This is the roof of your gingerbread house.
  8. Allow the structure to dry for an hour or two. Once it is completed, coat each side of the house with frosting. Now you can decorate it with candies. This is the best part!
  9. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate the house with candies. Gumdrops, red licorice, chocolate kisses, hard candies – stick them all on, as many candies as you like.
  10. Once the house is totally dry, it’s all yours! Arguably, gingerbread tastes better than cake. Kids love munching on a gingerbread house, especially one that they’ve decorated themselves.

Now, there’s a terrific alternative to building gingerbread houses with graham crackers that is just as easy, and equally fun. Pre-baked gingerbread house kits from Gingerbread Traditions simplify the process of building gingerbread houses, so that your kids can get down to what they really want to do, which is to decorate the whole thing.

With pre-baked gingerbread house kits from Gingerbread Traditions, you’ll be able to spend more time decorating and less time baking, and it’s so much fun for the kids!

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