The iron curler is a device for hairstyling which should not miss from any woman’s beauty kit. You need to know how to do curls with a curling iron, if you want to have curls just like those made by a professional hairstylist. And I say this because the curling iron has two important qualities: its versatility (you can use it for a variety of hairstyles) and its speed (waves are modeled in a very short time).

So, if you are in a hurry or simply you are not very skilled when it comes to styling, curling iron can save you time and money.
In order to curl your hair using the curling iron you need at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how long and dens is your hair.

For this you need, besides the curling iron: a hair spray for volume, a balsam (if your hair is very dens), a hair dryer, some clips, a serum for shining and a water spray.

The Curling process:

1. After you wash your hair, apply the spray for volume at the root of the hair, and then massage the area gently. If your hair is thick apply a little balsam and massage again gently. Very slowly, comb your hair (with a comb or brush) because the products that you have previously applied must be distributed evenly on the surface of the scalp.

2. Finally, use a hair dryer, alternating the warm air with the cold one.

3. Divide your hair into three sections, catching each section with a hairpin. Depending on your preferences, choose the thickness of the strands (if you choose thick strands, you will only be able to make a few curls).

4. After that, take the strand of the hair and twist it around the curling iron, then after you twisted it around the iron catch the strand with pliers from the endowment of the iron. The estimated time to keep the strand caught in the curling iron is about 30 seconds (maximum), but that depends on several factors: the type of the hair and the temperature of the iron.

5. Do not comb your curls! If you want them to look more dense, use your fingers to loose them. After curling each strand, apply a fixative spray to give strength for the curls shape. Do not exaggerate with the hairspray if you do not want your hair to become very rigid. For a greater shine, apply a serum for shining after the curling process has finished .

Be careful with the curling iron because it can burn your hair if it is to hot or if you keep it too much on the strands. Be careful however when using the curling iron to not touch your face, ears, neck or other body parts that are in the operating range of the iron. The last thing you need is a scar on your face or somewhere else.