Keep away the medicine by taking this exercise regularly


If a person wants to live their life free from any kind of diseases, then running is the only solution which keeps the medicine away from the disease. This exercise makes people mind to be active, and it keeps the mind so relax. It is advised to do in the early morning where the fresh air will be inhaled inside the body and breathes out the air inhaled from the respiratory system. It also minimises chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes under type second, then the stroke diseases. As this exercise gives the mind more active, then it reduces the body weight by burning unwanted calories in the body. Many celebrities considered it as a crazy exercise, which makes the body slimmer and prevents free from the diseases. Because of these fantastic benefits, this exercise was loved by everyone in this world. While comparing this exercise with the other, it is the simplest and efficient one which does not want the runner to face more difficulties.

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Many shared their experience that it was one of the safest exercises and makes the people enjoy more during the time of exercising so the beginners don’t need to feel difficult for before taking this exercise. There are some recent surveys which were taken by the professionals that the person having 60 kg weight burns 300 calories only through running within 30 minutes where he tried the exercises like swimming, cycling, aerobic dancing and fast walking. Therefore while taking the swimming and cycling exercise he

reduced only 240 calories, then in aerobic dancing he reduces only 195 calories then by fast walking he reduces 150 calories. So this experimental set up says that the running is the one and only exercise which will offer benefit for the runners.

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Instructions to be followed before and after doing this exercise

There are some instructions which are to be followed before starting this exercise. If a person is recovering from any injuries, then the he or she felt hesitated for starting this exercise then before starting to run the Bp should be noted. Then after taking this running exercise if the person is not active, then the necessary actions should be taken given by their guides to improve the fitness level of the body. Then for running quality of shoes were needed to reduce the risks like diseases. As the shoes were getting old, then it will maximise the disease, so the guides were advised to keep changing the shoes for every 300 miles or a distance. So make a note on the runs taken by the shoes in the diary to remember. While starting this exercise, it is advised to start running with a warm-up for at least five minutes so that it keeps mind more active for walking, marching and climbing the stairs. It is recommended to do this exercise from the period of 10 to 30 minutes. If a person walks for 30 minutes, then two to three minutes break will be needed to make the person more comfortable.

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