Instant pot Beef, tomato, chorizo and green peas risotto recipe.


I want to show you how I make a risotto tomatoes minced meat and chorizo ​​with the instant pot

It’s a gift from my darling for my birthday and I really like this device, it’s a pressure cooker, it can make yogurts and you can program meals in advance.

 I found this recipe really not bad I wanted to share it with you

so let’s go for that.


  • 650g minced meat
  • 1 half chorizo
  • 670ml of tomato puree
  • 750ml of beef broth soup
  • green peas
  • 500g of rice


1- I take the minced meat and I put it in the instant pot in sauté mode, and I stir.

2- now that the meat is cooked, I will add the tomato, the rice, and the chorizo ​​and let it simmer until

the rice becomes a bit translucent.

3- now that the rice is a little less white I’m going to add beef broth soup and green peas, finally that everything is in, I’m going to let it cook under pressure for 15 minutes

4- now you cancel the sauté mode, and you put on manual, I choose about 3 is a little power we will say as an induction cooktop, I leave for 15 minutes to cook under pressure.

5- now you have to release all the steam

and here is my little risotto
Season as you like. I personally just put a little pepper and that’s enough.

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