Because kitchen has become a real place to live where we like to spend time together, whether to prepare a cake with his children, have a drink with his friends, or cook good little dishes with four hands or more, open models on the living room or dining room are becoming more commonplace. In addition to being friendly, open kitchens save space. An additional argument. But how to develop it well and achieve that it is based subtly in the decor? Here are our 5 tips.


kitchen caninets without handles

For more discretion and to break the closet side, it is advisable to choose a model of a door without an apparent handle. This minimalist and refined finish is an excellent choice, as the same storage units can be used in the dining room area for a homogeneous result. However, do not hesitate to various formats and colours to pace the composition. To merge the universes, also bet on the shelves or the niches to slip objects and beautiful books there. This will give an even more deco side to the kitchen.


flush fridge

The big appliances must blend in with the decor. When possible, bet on models like those of Homedepot. Another option is recessed models concealed by a door. A classic but practical choice. For the hood, unless you have cracked on a design model, know that there are retractable versions or almost invisible.


kitchen floor

Tiling, concrete slab or parquet floor tiles, in the kitchen, we prefer a resistant floor that is well maintained. If the living room-dining room has a beautiful floor, nothing requires you to have a unified level. On the contrary, why not play on the floor to visually separate spaces? We can thoroughly mix parquet floors/cement tiles or tiles to delimit the areas.


small kitchen affliance

Blender, toaster, coffee maker, in an open kitchen the small appliances are exposed. We think of choosing aesthetic models that will not mismatch if we let them out on the work plan. The choice is not lacking: A retro style coffee maker, a blender design to concoct a detox juice or a vitamin soup or a multifunctional robot with a shiny body.


kitchen bar

It’s not because the kitchen is open that it can not be a little separate from the rest of the room. You can opt for a central island, which will serve as a dining table, worktop or even cooking plan as needed. It may also contain drawers for storing dishes, cookware, or even office folders. Less known, the “snack plans” allow having a party bar in the extension of the kitchen, convenient for eating in a small committee. One can also opt for the furniture benches that close the kitchen area while offering a seat.