The moment to repaint his kitchen has arrived, and we do not know especially a mountain! Either, it will have to repaint the walls since the current color paint is tired, probably revamp the kitchen furniture become has-been with a trendy color, take care of the credence and perhaps repaint the tiles, but do not panic Here are tips and tricks for repainting your kitchen from every angle and at a low price.

Repainting your kitchen with a small budget is possible!

In the kitchen, a painting to repaint walls, furniture, and tiling, and here is a kitchen redone!
In the kitchen, a painting to repaint walls, furniture, and tiles, and that’s a brand new kitchen! Castorama Photo

Without going through a renovation of the kitchen from top to bottom, a few easy steps to redo the painting of walls, furniture and paint tiling to change the decor at a lower cost. To repaint your kitchen from A to Z we start of course by changing the paint color of the walls, then we attack the kitchen furniture if they have become has-been to give them a look that sticks pile hair with the trend color painting kitchen of the moment, we think to change the door handles and drawers, maybe repaint the worktop since it became possible with a coating or a particular paint food surface, change or paint the credence and if we have to paint the fridge since its only problem is the yellowing of its coating and we end up harmonizing the colors in the kitchen with some utensils and decorative objects and after, voila! repainting his kitchen with two colors of paint: Background wall color anthracite gray paint, left wall white color, anise green kitchen furniture

To repaint your kitchen, you have to dare bright colors in combination with a pearl gray paint

Repainting the walls of his kitchen, this is the first step

Dare to repaint your kitchen by combining bright colors and neutral color wall paint.

yellow wall painting. Acrylic paint, monolayer, protective film range kitchen & baths

To repaint the walls of the kitchen, you have a large choice of colors among the major brands of kitchen paint available in all major DIY stores offer special paints pieces of water, anti-humidity or anti-stain paint of grease. You can also bet on a polished concrete effect paint, to revamp his kitchen is very trendy.

Choose a paint color to repaint the kitchen according to the color of the furniture: kitchen furniture and island color yellow wall paint gray mouse
Repaint the walls of the kitchen in gray to make a harmonious contrast with the yellow kitchen furniture and a black worktop, for a result at the top!

If you choose a toned color for your furniture, such as yellow, red or orange, choose a neutral color paint for the walls. For example, as in the photo, yellow furniture and gray paint for the fences. With taupe kitchen furniture, or waxed wood or clear varnish, prefer a blue wall paint to boost the color contrast.

You are repainting his kitchen with a distinctive red kitchen paint.

On the other hand, if the kitchen furniture is dark in color and does not need to be repainted, paint one of the walls of the kitchen, and preferably the wall that houses the large linear of furniture with a toned color, associate it with a neutral color (white, gray or black) for the furniture. In the case of a kitchen open to living room, it is also an excellent way to harmonize the two spaces by making a reminder of the color of the wall in the living room space either with the mural or with the objects of decoration.

Design tip

If you choose to combine several colors of paint in the kitchen, reserve the most sustained color for a single wall, the color impact will be stronger, and you will not reduce the impression of space in your kitchen.

Repainting your kitchen with a slate or magnetic paint

Repainting the walls of the kitchen with matt white paint and magnetic paint on high and low furniture

Remaking the painting of his kitchen is a good opportunity to use paintings that will serve as a reminder or fix the recipe of the day without clutter the kitchen with accessories of all kinds. A practical example with these kitchen furniture repainted with a gray colored magnetic paint on the furniture of the hat t and low furniture with a blackboard painting to receive all the little messages and sticky notes.

Repainting his furniture, the easy kitchen makeover solution

Whether you have laminate kitchen furniture, waxed wood or varnished wood, repainting them is enough to give them a new style. The operation is simple and the result at the rendezvous if we take some precautions in preparing the furniture before repainting! For a good adhesion of the paint on the furniture, it is imperative before its application to sand the furniture and then to apply an undercoat which is also called primer. These two preparation operations will give the painting a good performance over time and resistance to the inevitable shocks in a kitchen. There is, however, paint for kitchen furniture without sanding or undercoat which exempts you from these preparations quite long enough to repaint your furniture… Let’s see that more closely:

Decoration tips:

Make sure the drying time of your underlayment is good before applying the paint so that the product plays its role as a bottleneck.

Unhooking the fronts of your kitchen furniture and drawers to paint them flat on a table or trestles, this will allow you to stretch the paint, especially if you apply a lacquer finish paint (and do not forget to cross your passages roll by finishing with a passage in the direction of the wood).

What paint to use for kitchen furniture?

In the kitchen, daily maintenance should be practical, and the furniture should be leachable. For the comfort of maintenance, to solve the possible problems of humidity or the lack of evacuation of the fats, the special painting kitchen aspect satin or brilliant is the most current. If you prefer a matt appearance, there will be no maintenance problem provided you protect your paint with a clear and matte varnish.

Resin Paint for kitchen furniture
repainting kitchen cabinet with Résinence, an ultra-resistant resin-based paint

Residence, a resin paint for kitchen furniture that ensures a perfect hold in the time of painting on your furniture. To apply it, after having sanded and degreased your furniture with acetone, you use directly to your painting. (36-color color satin finish color chart, available in 0.25L, 0.50L and 2L jars). Once dry, the passage of a resin Resin Deco finish provides maximum protection of furniture.

Paint for kitchen furniture in direct application
Varnished wood kitchen furniture repainted with paint Renovation Furniture

New: A new range of paint for kitchen furniture adapted to the varnished, waxed or laminated wood backing now repaints its furniture without having to sand or apply an underlayment.

Change the handles of furniture doors and drawers

The door handles and drawers are at the kitchen what the shoes are to the sartorial look! To finish the makeover of your kitchen furniture, you will surely have to review the style of the handles of your furniture. For a few euros per piece of furniture, it will be the end of the old look of your furniture.

Change the door handles of the furniture when repainting the kitchen with the collection of kitchen door handles

At the radius door and drawer handles, you are spoiled for choice between different styles (contemporary, retro, fantasy …) different shapes and materials (brushed aluminum, glass, plastic, painted or painted wood). To avoid having to pierce the doors of the furniture, consider bringing one of your old handles to choose the same spacing of screws.

Repainting the tiling of the kitchen credenza

The tiling of your credence is outdated or does not exist yet, you have two very easy and cheap solutions to give it a boost: As for furniture, a stroke of pe nature tiling will do the trick, and it’s nice to make a color reminder when painting a chair and for a trendy look, paint 1 or 2 bars and why not a single chair foot the same color of paint as that of the credenza.

Easy, magnetic credence

To change your credence in no time, you have magnetic credentials in aluminum stainless steel that will give the cooking space a modern style. In a more fun and trendy style, opt for magnetic credence in whiteboard coating or blackboard. A very stylish and practical solution that avoids overloading the wall of accessories of any kind. Another significant trend: multi-material credenza. For example, you can put a credenza aluminum or stainless steel on the hob and work the rest of the credence with a tile, repainted or not, or just paint the wall a strip of about 1.20 cm high with a different color from the top of the wall.

decorative tip

Decorative Tip: If your kitchen is narrow, choose credence that will change the impression of space: stainless steel, glass, pastel painting are beautiful to reflect the light. In a very sunny kitchen, credence of hue more supported will be preferable.
Repainting the kitchen floor is possible!

After repainting furniture and credence in the kitchen, repainting the floor is often required to completely restore the kitchen! Resin for tiling floor color gray pearl Residence

Painting for a tiled floor, a little gem to finish revamping the kitchen. This painting works on the same principle as for wall tiles. Designed to resist heavy passages and cleaning products, it is applied in two layers after thorough degreasing of the soil. It is also an opportunity to coordinate the color of the floor with new colors on furniture and walls. In this kitchen, we used an anise green paint for the furniture, mouse gray to repaint the credence, and in addition to this palette a pearl gray for the special resin floor paint.

Repaint a fridge, a deco tip at a low price!

A touch of paint on the fridge and if necessary on all of your appliances and it’s a new kitchen that will come out of the pot for two francs six sous! Red, pink, yellow, black, choose an appliance paint for the shine and resistance of the paint. Metal gray spray paint to repaint home appliances Julien Since everything is possible when repainting his kitchen, it is possible to paint a fridge in an aluminum finish to act as if it came straight from the store! How to do? If your fridge has some scratches or shocks, get a body builder (that you find in supermarkets) and relock all imperfections. Then you can start to bumper your fridge with aerosol paint. Count 4 to 5 layers for a perfect result, the paint is dry to the touch in 10 minutes, however for the paint to be deep dry wait 24 hours between each coat.


For a better hold of the aerosol paint, cross the layers. Apply your paint at a distance of 30 to 40 cm from your fridge and have a constant speed in your movements during the application.