The small bathroom out the big game to be beautiful despite its small size! discover small bathrooms as practical as large!

It is true that it is difficult to arrange a small bathroom optimally. Despite its small size, it must still be practical while being decorated; it’s even more pleasant to take care of yourself! For this delicate task, gagstan has taken the responsibility to find some small bathrooms with common sense to inspire you with the layout of yours! Storage niches, a small bathtub in the corner of the room, Italian shower or raised furniture, here are a multitude of ideas that will help you feel good in your small bathroom, as much as in a large!

Storage niches in a small white bathroom

white small bathroom
Total optimization of the space in this small white bathroom fitted with practical storage niches for everything to find its place

Space is fully optimized in this small white bathroom that contrasts with the floor tiles anthracite gray. Storage niches provide space for every element to find its place, including the washing machine, convenient! A meticulous layout for a small bathroom well arranged!

A small chic bathroom with Italian shower

bathroom italian shower
Chic decor and mixing of white and gray in a small bathroom fitted with an Italian shower to ultimately optimize the space of the room!

When there is little room in the bathroom, we opt for an Italian shower! Practical and beautiful, this Italian shower arranged at the bottom of the room decorated with white and gray allows to maximize the space. Glass panes to enlarge the room and voila!

The bath invites itself in a small wooden bathroom.

wooden bathroom
A bathtub does not necessarily hamper the room, the proof here in a small bathroom wood where space is optimized for a super cute place!

Total wood look in the small bathroom where a relaxing atmosphere reigns! The plan that accommodates the basin extends and crosses the plane of the tub to gain even more space. A soothing decor that will ensure moments of tranquility in this small room where you feel good!

Black and white decor in a small designer bathroom

Black and white decor in a small bathroom with parquet! Everything seems to find its place correctly for a development that does not waste the square meters!

Arranged in the corner of the room, the shower takes a minimum of space. The large mirror brings an effect of enlargement to the room, and the toilet with safe and clean lines goes perfectly with the small original washbasin. A layout governed by the white and the black, simple and sober whose class is unparalleled!

Floating furniture in a small modern bathroom

floating sink

Thanks to the raised furniture, the floor space is clear which allows enlarging the room visually. A bathtub placed against the wall and here is a small bathroom modern and stylish!

Modernity is at the rendezvous in this small bath that puts on a raised furniture to free up space on the ground. The small shower, as for it occupies a part of the wall and a nook for a small bathroom where one does not feel to feel cramped!

Small bathroom in length with the space-saving layout

in lenth bathroom

Placed on one side of the wall, the layout of this small bathroom in length is ultra well thought out! Back to back, the sink and the bathtub occupy little space, practical!

The space-saving trick of this small bathroom, place all the elements on one side of the room, ingenious as a layout! The washbasin and bath have been installed back to back, and are separated by a mirror fixed perpendicular to the wall, a solution that saves space in the blink of an eye in a small bathroom in length!

We adopt the freestanding bathtub in a small bathroom.

freestanding bathtub

The small bathroom adopts a modern style thanks to an ultra-stylish island bath at the end of the room, a double washbasin cabinet and a raised toilet!

The freestanding bathtub finds its place in the back of the room despite the small size of this bathroom and does not fail to give it style! On one side, a small raised toilet faces a piece of furniture double basin ultra modern! This is proof that nothing is impossible in a small bathroom!