How to Decorate Your Porch for Winter


With the winter temperatures dropping fast, it is only natural to prefer the indoor comfort of you warm home. That doesn’t mean that your porch should also be a cold place, not only in terms of temperature, but appearance also. Keep reading to learn how to decorate your porch for winter!

Taking some of your time to decorate this area of your home goes a long way in helping it feel more welcoming and cozy. There is a lot you can do to make this happen and now is the perfect time, as you have no garden care chores and you likely have some spare time on your hands. Many of the projects you are about to read won’t even require a huge investment, or a great deal of effort on your side. All it takes is a creative mind and some inspiration on your side to completely transform your porch for the holidays. Here are few ideas you can use:

  • Give your door a fresh new colour – if the paint on your door is old, now would be the best time to repaint. The fresh new look will not only brighten up the mood of your home, since that is where everyone enters from, but also provide that much needed new look.
  • Get your colourful pots on the porch – adding some colour to your porch may be as easy as bringing any flower pots from your garden. This is an easy solution, since you won’t have to worry about snow and blizzards damaging the pots in some way. Instead of leaving them out there in the open, bring them to shelter near your porch. That way they will not only be protected till next time you need them for your gardening efforts, but also improve the look of your porch.
  • Display the beauty of winter
    flowers – if you are an expert gardener, then you know that winter is a season when some plants do in fact bloom. Go to your nursery and take a pick of what you like. Perhaps it is a good idea to make a plan of the space, as this will better help you determine what type of flowers will look good.
  • Go with the spirit of Christmas – nothing says Christmas better than some lights out on the porch. Certain types are characteristic of the holiday only, but there are some models that look good at all times. For example, you can get some white globe lights to provide a feeling of warmth to your porch.
  • ‘Welcome’ your guests with a doormat – one of the most universal improvements you can make to your front door area is to acquire a playful mat with a ‘welcome’ sign of sorts. This is truly a great addition that provides a very cozy feel. Christmas will do well with a lively and colorful doormat.
  • Don’t forget to hang a wreath – wreaths are one of the most characteristic elements of Christmas. Your porch will simply not look complete if you don’t hang one there. Big wreaths are great for the holidays, but you can also include several smaller ones throughout the other part of the season. If you are feeling creative, you can make a wreath after you are done collecting leaves in your gardening efforts.

Decorating your porch goes a long way in providing a feeling and sense of comfort for your entire home. Implement any of these suggestions, and you will truly brighten up the area to make it more beautiful. That way you and any guests visiting for the holidays will feel great.

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