How to Avoid Treadmill Workout Mistakes at the Gym


Dare to exercise on the treadmill? Because tapes gym not only serve to move forward, we present four innovative routines you can do in these fitness machines to strengthen your whole body.

If you’ve read any of our blog ‘The Top Runners’, I’m sure you know very well how to select the best proform treadmills or what the most common treadmills workouts mistakes when exercise with them.

Now, it is time we go a step further. We will not discuss the benefits of health that have exercised in this cardio machine or how to perform proper maintenance.

Burn calories, Lose weight and reduce stress or anxiety are three of the goals sought after by athletes and fitness enthusiasts who develop their training or part of this treadmills.

The intensity of exercise, the incline of the band and machine speed are some parameters that help achieve these goals more efficiently.

Today treadmills professionals have built with countless new features and technological aspects that certainly make the physical work on this equipment in a fun and dynamic exercise.

However, running on a treadmill is not just keep walking. To not get bored at the gym. Make your workouts authentic, adventures and versatile along with a treadmill. That ability to test your fitness, you need to take the challenge. You’d suggest these exercises!

5 most common Treadmill Workout Mistake

Avoid the most common mistakes that occur when training on best treadmills for runners.

You know the reasons why exercise on a treadmill have a positive impact on your health and the factors that you have to look out for if you decide to buy new professional treadmills for your gym.

But do you know what the most common treadmill workout mistakes are made when we exercise in these fitness machines?

treadmill workout

We propose an article useful where you can identify what to avoid when training on a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill can seem like an easy exercise without unnecessary complications.

However, to avoid injury and achieve our performance is the best we have to use this cardio workout machine following a few simple rules.

And listen to these 5 common treadmill workout mistakes that many users perform on their exercise!

Skipping Warming

Running is considered warming itself but goes from 0 to 100 in a few seconds has never been considered an excellent way to attune our muscles.

So when you climb on a treadmill, start walking slowly and progressively increases the speed and controlled manner over the next 5 minutes.

After a short time as the body will allow intensifies the intensity. Do not forget that in the cooling

process must also start jogging before completing the exercise.

Do not Train Following a Plan

When we want to reach the goal of a train more effectively. We recommend that you marques a goal and that combine different types of a race to make every single session.

Hold The Sides

The treadmill workout in bars does not use tape as support. If you’re tired or cannot stand the pace, it decreases the intensity of exercise.

Attached to the belt makes part of the bodyweight is transferred to the arms so that we reduce the number of calories burned.

Do not Use the Whole Band Treadmill

As a rule, usually run glued to the front of the machine, something that difficult in exercise and mobility of legs and arms. Try to separate you and hold the position.

Do not Control Your Breathing

Our body is prepared to respond to any need arising from physical exercise. Our lungs can incorporate for themselves the air they need. breathing control during treadmill exercise, However, the best you can do to control your

breathing, especially at the time of recovery, is profoundly inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth always.

What other mistakes you think are committed to training on a treadmill?

Do you feel identified with the failures of our list? Write us a comment and tell us what you thought about this post!

You Can Try Different Exercises on Treadmill

  • To strengthen buttocks and legs, can perform squats or stride, exchanging legs while walking on the treadmill. Try Different Exercises on Treadmill
  • Running side or try to keep the squat position until the end of the band travel direction are two excellent ways to strengthen the muscles of the legs.
  • If we support hands on the band and put our feet on the ground, we can walk while moving the hands forward; we will work your arms and shoulders. If also, we do while we contract the abdomen, also we will be working our middle.
  • Crab position and supporting our hands on the sides of the tape can try to walk at the same time we get up again and leg.

What do you think our recommendations to make your physical exercise of treadmill workout more entertaining? Do you dare to try them in your gym?

Tell us what your results in our comments section were! And do not forget that if you need more information about any fitness machine.

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