Healthy pineapple ice lollies


1- Recipe: healthy ice cream with pineapple or iced piña colada alcohol free!

Today, I share with you a homemade healthy ice cream recipe that I loved to make during the summer: frozen pineapple lollies! It’s a kind of ice-cold iced piña colada and a kind of ice-cream that can be made without an ice cream maker.

healthy pineapple ice lollies

I publish this recipe before the storm and rain take away the summer! Indeed, it is especially in summer that I want to eat ice cream personally.

To tell you more about the birth of this recipe, last summer, I bought – and tasted frozen lollies from a good ice cream shop. The ice creams were delicious and low in calories. Clearly, rarely more than 60kcal the stick and the least caloric were at 39kcal,it’s not bad at all.

So I took the time to look at the composition of these rods and I wanted to start!

2- My passion for the Piña Colada.

I support less and less strong alcohols. But in my youth, I loved very much sipping a good Piña Colada very occasionally. I do not do it anymore because my head is spinning fast.

However, I still love the alcoholic version of this cocktail that I find sweet and refreshing.

This is how I wanted to reproduce a little this cocktail but version 100% lighter and icy.

pineapple ice lollies

the importance of ripe fruit.

In this homemade healthy ice cream recipe, I do not use sugar. Also, be sure to use ripe fruit or add sugar.

Indeed, fruits that are not ripe will not be sweet … and the ice will be very good if

you do not suck!


For 6 ice cream lollies, you will need:
-200-250g pineapple cut into pieces.
-200ml of coconut milk
-1 cup of lemon juice.
-1 cup of coconut sugar(optional).
-ice lollies moulds.

pineapple ice ingredients


  • Cut your pineapple into pieces
  • Mix all ingredients with a blender.
  • Pour the mixture into moulds.
  • Let the mixture sit overnight in the freezer.
lollies ice moulds

3- My opinion.

I love these little gourmet ice cream lollies, without refined sugars and totally healthy! I find the combo of pineapple and coconut milk very nice; and lemon juice adds a hint of acidity to the mix I love! this mixture is also a good idea to make a smoothie.
But as everything is a matter of taste, you are free to adjust this recipe to your taste if necessary.

it’s called piña colada alcohol free

  • You’ll understand, I’m really happy to offer you this homemade ice cream recipe with pineapple on the blog! These are ice cream lollies that I love to taste when I want a touch of sugar and comfort along my day.
  • They are not caloric, they are very healthy and they allow you to have fun without ruining his body!
    The variants.
  • Of course, you can use this homemade ice cream recipe without ice cream maker as a base and change the fruits! I also tested this recipe with peaches, kiwi or banana! The only limit is your creativity!
  • You could add for example rum, fresh mint or basil leaves in this recipe.
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