If your bathroom looks gray, you don’t need to go through the big jobs to give it a second youth. At a lower cost, it is entirely possible to repaint the tiles, put a new floor or install an Italian shower. Without exploding the budget, here are our five tips for renovating an old bathroom. GAGSTAN guides you in the choice of equipment, the best way to repaint an old tile or to choose the ideal sink.

Rearrange your bathroom from floor to ceiling with a tiny budget, it is possible. From furniture to sanitary, through the decor … just a little imagination and some tricks. Demonstration with our five ideas to redo a bathroom without exploding the budget.

1. Leverage entry-level products from the mass retail sector

Not easy at first sight to redo a bathroom at a reasonable price. To succeed the challenge and avoid emptying too quickly his wallet, one rule: to bet on the entry level and look after the decor. When it comes to sanitary fittings, taps and furniture, prices can easily vary from 1 to 10 between the first equipment and the high end! You will find your happiness in the big retailers (Walmart, Kohler, Ikea…).

example flash deal prices
Some prices ideas with flash deal sales

These stores offer collections of appeal products, basic design that will wake up with a few touches of colour and some design tips. For example, by choosing a new paint for the walls of the bathroom that is harmonized with the various accessories (tooth glass, towels, shower curtain, garbage bin). By replacing, above the washbasin, the bathroom cabinet with a large mirror and illuminating it with pretty adjustable wall lights. All ideas are good to take! A small budget does not mean a sad and monotonous setting. On the contrary, with a little fantasy, we can easily create a pleasant space to live and taste.

2. Repaint the existing wall tile

before and after bathroom tiles painting
How painting tiles change the decor!

There’s nothing like old, rustic tiles to dampen the bathroom. To renovate it, you do not have to break everything or start big jobs! The solution? A brushstroke on the old tiles and the trick is played. This new colour will instantly transform the world of your bathroom. There are today special tiling, waterproof and washable, in very trendy pallets (V33). These special tiling paints are applied directly to the substrate, after sanding old tiles, without underlayment. The guaranteed result, spending only the bare minimum.

3. Lay vinyl flooring

low budget bathroom floor vinyl

The tiled floor is tired and old-fashioned? It can be revived at a lower cost by covering it with vinyl flooring. Easy and creative! Champion of low prices, this flexible multilayer coating, based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride), has many advantages: sound and thermal comfort, ease of maintenance, waterproofness, wear resistance and the wide variety of decorations. With hyperrealist imitations of parquet, concrete, metal, tiles … reproducing down to the smallest detail the grain and texture of materials. In roll version, without joints, the vinyl floor adapts particularly to the bathroom, making it possible to avoid any risk of infiltration. And by merely glueing via double-sided tape. An excellent way to give a new style to the bathroom, in no time and cheaply. Here again, we find them in specialised supermarkets.

4. Buy a design basin for a few dozen dollars

Tired of old-fashioned washbasin? You can hide the column in small hanging furniture or on foot and at the same time, enjoy additional storage. A low cost and easy to install solution, with a standard module adapted for this purpose. But if you want to give a more modern look to the bathroom, you’ll want to replace the sink with a basin. Know that for a few dozen euros; it is possible to have fun. Of course, not to push up the bill, it will be necessary to forget the ultra-design ultra-design basin in resin or glass. But with an entry-level ceramic model, to be recessed from below or to be installed, the washbasin operation is playable. Associated with a basic mixer, it is all the look of the toilet space is changed, and without much ruin the wallet.

5. Find a good value receiver

Do you dream of an Italian shower, open and uncluttered, that blends into the decor? You will have to give up this option. Too expensive to make! On the other hand, even with a tight budget, a walk-in shower is possible. By choosing an extra-flat shower tray ready to install at a low price. From an aesthetic point of view, the effect will be almost equivalent. But, watch out for quality! It may be wise to invest more in this equipment and move upmarket if you want a little more design, comfort and robustness. Do not save on the pose either. A poorly installed receptor may cause a leak that can be expensive to repair. A council that is valid for all plumbing work to entrust preferably to a pro.