So, you’ve decided to go on a family vacation – but where to? There are several different places that you can go with your whole family, and some of them are better than others.
When you’re thinking about traveling with children, especially, you should definitely make that a major deciding point when you’re trying to figure out where to go.

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Cities For Children

The most common travel mistake with children is Las Vegas or Reno in Nevada. While the tourism industries of both cities have been trying to make the towns into family vacation destinations (Las Vegas a bit more than Reno), these towns are not originally geared toward family.

There is very little in either city that is great for children, and anything that is can be easily replicated in other locations. Besides, if you’re planning on going to Las Vegas, you probably plan on doing at least a little gambling – which is something you should save for an adults- only vacation getaway.

Parks Ideas


Where traveling with children is concerned, some of the perennial favorites are the Disney theme parks. These parks are ideal for children between the ages of five and twelve – though they are still fun for older children! However, it’s recommended that you wait until your children are old enough to walk. If you bring a child who is younger than three years old, the chances are that he or she will not remember the trip at all.

A vacation with children at a Disney park demands lots of energy and is hardly the best place for a relaxing trip.
Very often Disney parks are crowded and there are always new attractions one must see. For younger children, the afternoon especially, might turn into a real punishment.

If you prefer to go on a relaxing vacation with your children, why not think of Hawaii? Although Hawaii is not advertised as a resort for children, depending in which island you are staying at, there is still a variety of entertainment for children.

Hawaii is the best place for a family vacation with children who are ten or older. The reason is that most entertainment activities are suitable for older children – for example Pearl Harbor. If you visit it and your children are too young, they will hardly figure out the significance of the place.

Cruise ships

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Another suggestion for a family vacation with children is cruise ships. When choosing to spend your vacation on a cruise ship, there are some important facts to consider.
First, it is most likely that you will share a cabin with your family and there won~t be enough room for everybody’s liking. But since there are so many things to do outside the cabin, it shouldn~t be too much of a problem to view the cabin as a sleeping spot rather than a permanent hang-out.

Another disadvantage of cruise ships is that they might not be suitable for teenagers. The reason is that most of the children~s programs are for children under twelve, while the majority of adult entertainment (lounges, casinos, etc.) are also not suitable for teenagers, who are too young for this kind of fun. But despite everything, a cruise vacation is a good choice even only because of all astonishing ocean sights and ports that you will visit while on vacation.
Beware of whales!

Finally, the decision where to go on a family vacation with your children is up to you. Think about what is interesting for them and what is interesting for you and decide what type of vacation you will go for.