Towels, bathroom and beauty products, the storage space in the bathroom is never large enough to store everything. How to decorate the bathroom with clever storage and perfect the decoration at the same time?

Make the recovery to create towel holders

The first thing you look for when you enter a bathroom is the towel holder. If the ultimate in furnishing is having a towel, having a towel is not bad. So, how to properly arrange the bathroom and you create a towel holder?

  • Use a ladder: for ladders diverted into a towel rack, you have two schools. Indeed, on one side there are the followers of bamboo ladders and on the other those who are looking for a wooden ladder. In the first case, you will find your happiness at for example, in the second you will have to dig in the old barns. Then, once you have found your ladder, a sanding stroke, some stain and here is a beautiful towel holder.
  • Turn a stepladder into a bookshelf: indeed, with its triangular shape, the stepladder offers a very original form to combine the functions of towel holder and shelves. So with a few boards, you can easily make shelves instead of steps. However, if you want to hang your towels, keep the original steps or replace them with thinner bars.

Shelf furniture step ladder in the bathroom

Use wicker lockers to make wall lockers

You do not have a bathroom column or furniture under the basins to store your belongings? So, turn away wicker baskets and fix them to the wall. As a result, you will get storage baskets to store your towels for example. On the other hand, do not store things that are too heavy, since the fastener or basket may drop.

In addition, you can also recover old cases of wine to make very beautiful lockers. Indeed, stronger than wicker lockers, you can store things a little heavier. As a result, bottles of shampoos and deodorants will find their place.

Create clever suspension systems

  • Hooks for Hanging Electrical Appliances: You rarely think about it, but there is space behind the doors of our closet doors. Indeed, thanks to a few hooks style kitchen towel hooks, it is possible to suspend hair dryer, hair straighteners, and other electrical devices. Thus, simply suspended by their electric wire, these will be more properly arranged.
  • Shoe storage pockets: What if you stashed shoe storage pockets for storage? Thus, the pouches originally designed to receive your pairs of shoes are transformed into pouches for your beauty products. In addition, to hang them, simply hang them on the bar of the shower curtain.

Turn jars of jam or small flower vases into storage jars for your brushes or make-up brushes.

Use suction cups

Bathroom accessories, vacuum cupboards offer multiple storage possibilities. Indeed, thanks to their system of suction cups, they usually arise in the corner of a wall near the shower. Other models presented in the form of a soap dish, are transformed into small shelves very practical and can be fixed very easily. In addition, in the same vein, there are complete columns that sit in the corner of the shower and provide several levels of storage.

Finally, in the style of hanging storage, the palm is attributed to complete wall panels. Indeed, they are fixed as a single and large plate and offer a multitude of small storage lockers. Thus, you get a very clever solution to store a maximum of personal effects.

Divert objects to make storage

We sometimes lack storage solutions or the space is too small to slip a piece of furniture. Nevertheless, with some clever solutions you can create your own storage.

  • Get old drawers to make shelves: you have an old dresser that you do not use any more? And if you retrieve its drawers to turn them into shelves? Deep, these drawers will allow you to store all your products by fixing easily on a wall.
  • Get space on the back of a door: you often have to use the back of a door to put a coat rack. And if this time you fix small baskets to make storage? Indeed, when one lacks storage, the back of a door offers a strong potential. As a result, a few baskets judiciously placed on a metal bar and you are with a large storage.
  • Use a Spice Cupboard: If it is possible to save space in a kitchen using a spice drawer, the same principle can be applied to the bathroom. This shallow closet can be easily attached along a shower wall or on the edge of the bath. Ideal for storing make-up products or flasks.