The recycling is on the page, and it is through the cans that you can embellish your decor! For indoors or outdoors, here are DIY top-notch and cheap to make pretty jars without much DIY!

Rather than throw away your cans, keep them, customize them and turn them into practical and super stylish objects that are sure to participate in the indoor or outdoor decor! Ultra simple and inexpensive, here are some DIY that will surely spoil the kitchen, bedroom, office or the garden! Cool tips to make useful jars, smart storage or a pretty lantern for a sparkling atmosphere, all with the help of simple cans! Discover recycling ideas that will not attack the wallet and will delight young and old!

Make a storage pot for the kitchen with a tin can

Ideal to be arranged on the worktop and to accommodate the essential utensils that you want to keep close at hand when you cook, this is ultra-smart storage! Made with a tin can that you can customize according to your tastes and the kitchen, this practical idea is ultra original will simplify your life in the kitchen!

The cans of reclaimed food are the decoration of the garden

Cheap and cool, this is an idea of ​​recovery that will seduce many! Fixed on a palette arranged along a wall of the garden, for example, tin cans welcome flowers and serve as a pot for an original effect! A tip of cheap plant wall, to reproduce at leisure by painting the cans of the color that you wish!

Space saving storage box with cans

This is a brilliant idea for stylish storage spaces! With some canned customized with colorful gift paper and attached to the wall of the room with tape double sided, there are lockers that can accommodate for example your many balls of wool! A tip is cheap and practical!

Make an originally covered rack with cans

Finding its place perfectly on the credence above the worktop of the kitchen, this cutlery rack made from a tin can has style!

Fixed on a wooden board just above the worktop, here is a cutlery tray for the kitchen that will optimize your space. Painted in black, the cans do not miss pace and participate beautifully in the decor for convenient storage space!

A pretty lantern to make with a tin can

For a scintillating and magical atmosphere, nothing more economical than using recycling can, pierce it and insert a candle inside!

For a scintillating atmosphere inside or outside, here is a lantern to make with three times nothing! For that, provide you with a can of recycling, paint it of a pretty color, make some small holes using a drill and put a candle flat inside, nothing more simple for a fairy effect!

A tidy office thanks to cans

No more mess on the desk thanks to this storage to be made with a few canned custom cans and fixed together with strong glue! We have everything on the desk, and here is decorative and original storage that will welcome with style pens, pens, and other supplies.