Best Fitness Motivation for 2019


If you are not motivated or dedicated to staying fit then you simply won’t do it. If you are self motivated you will no doubt find yourself losing weight, looking fitter and feeling healthier. As you already know- if you don’t feel like doing something then you quickly lose interest so becoming self motivated will help you keep going.

Power of Self Motivation

Teaching someone to become self motivated is a difficult task but if you are truly invested in leading a new, healthier, fitter life style then you should find your own calling, you need to find a reason that suits you. Whether it is illnesses in the family (a tendency to heart attacks for example); wanting to live longer; just feeling better about yourself or wanting to slim, there are many reasons to stay fit. You need to find the one that spurs you on. Just making a new year’s resolution doesn’t usually work; find a real reason that you can achieve.

power of fitness

There are many ways in which you can become motivated, one such way is to think and talk positively, self belief is something that holds many people back so try and get your self-confidence up. Self belief is essential in everything within our daily lives: whether it is caring for your children, getting up for work in the morning or going for that new job. Not believing in yourself can hold you back from so many things- one of these being ensuring you become the fit, healthy individual you want to be. Your mind automatically works to put up barriers if you

do not like something- change this attitude and see getting fit in a new light in order to break these down.

Motivation Benefits

Remember that you are not alone in this; so many people around the world decide each day that they want to change their lives into a healthier, fitter one. Some achieve this and some don’t, it is all about your state of mind. There are many issues with starting your journey into a fitter and healthier life style like our benefits of Aerobic exercises at home but once you break down those mental barriers you will soon be on your way. Learning to focus your ideas around a muse or your own source of inspiration will help you tremendously, both in fitness and other areas of your life.

Realistic goal

A big source of de-motivation is not achieving your goals. But so many people set unrealistic targets that it is hardly surprising that not everyone achieves what they want. Realistic goals are essential for motivation as well as defining the stage you are at. For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds, instead of trying to lose 10 in a week think more clearly and set a realistic goal for the month. Not everything can be achieved quickly and it is worth taking the time to do it well.

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When setting goals remember these simple points: Has the goal been set within a reasonable amount of time, and is the goal realistic? If the answer is yes you should find it easier to achieve.

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