Benefits of Aerobic Exercises at home.


Aerobic exercises at home are named as they use oxygen from your body and will increase your heart rate. If your heart is not beating faster, then you cannot say that you are doing an aerobic activity. Cardio exercise is an alternate name for aerobic activities.

aerobic at home

Aerobics are designed to not only do the above, but also to get you to stretch and do some strength training.

Have a strong heart

What you want to achieve when you do aerobic exercise is to increase the fitness of your heart. The good points about having a strong heart are pretty endless, but one is that it will need less beats per minute when resting, or exercising, in order to pump blood around the body. Monitoring your heart rate can help when you do cardio work-outs.

Aerobic activity also increases lung capacity. Basically, the little air sacs in the lungs will have more volume and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide when breathing will be far more efficient. When you have well-working lungs exercising will make you less out of breath and you will be getting a good amount of oxygen in to your blood stream at all times.

As you are moving so much during aerobic exercise you are using up some of your energy stores, and so burning calories which may be converted to fat if not burnt off. For this reason aerobic exercise is one of the best calorie burners. After aerobic exercise is also a good time to eat a small meal as you will temporarily speed up

your metabolism and so burn food at a faster rate than usual.

Muscle building at home.

aerobic muscles

You may build or tone muscle depending on the type of exercise you do. If you do things such as rowing (whether real or on a rowing machine) you could build arm strength, whereas running and cycling will tone and strengthen legs and bums. One good overall aerobic exercise is swimming, as this works all the muscles.
When we exercise there is what is known as a ‘training zone’, which is when your heart is at 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. This needs to be achieved for exercise to be deemed cardiovascular.

Cardio exercises

If you are relatively unfit, you can feel the benefit with even a little 12 minutes routine exercise, but you will need to increase the amount that you do the fitter you get. To gain optimum benefits, try doing some cardio 3-5 times a week for at least half an hour.

Aerobics can take the form of aerobic classes; but any activity such as running, swimming, cycling, dancing and rowing can also be classed in this category. For an overall tone up try swimming or dancing, or for more specific areas of the body choose another activity to suit. To get the most out of running why not carry or use some weights to tone up your arms too?

Aerobic, or cardio activity, try and get as much in as possible, even if it is just a brisk walk every day.

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