It’s time to stop wasting time and start driving traffic to your website using some pretty simple article marketing tips. If you follow these techniques you stand a much better chance of gaining the readers attention and having them follow the link to your website!

drive traffic

Tips you should Know

Here are 9 powerful article marketing tips you should implement for each article that you write:

Content writing

content writing

Content is King. You may have heard this before but it’s worth repeating. The content you put into your article has to be informative and hold the interest of your reader. Be sure that your content is relevant to the website you want your reader to visit.
Keep It Simple and Short. We live in a world where attention spans are very short. When writing content for an online medium you must always keep this in mind. Be brief but be accurate and informative. Speak to your reader as if you were talking to a person and don’t focus on stuffing as many keywords as possible. Google knows this trick and won’t give you bonus points for the attempt.

Article title

The Title Tells All. Why should I read your article? Let them know the answer to that question in your title. Always put your reader first and keep in mind that you must appeal to the interests of your audience, not necessarily your own.
Syndicate Your Feeds. Most article directories provide an RSS or Atom feed for each author that you create. Burn your feeds with services like for greater visibility.
Promote, Promote, Promote! Not only should you promote your site with articles, you should also promote your articles through social bookmarking, social networking (twitter, facebook, etc.). The links pointing to your site are important for establishing credibility, relevance and pagerank but the links that point to your inbound links are important as well!
Use Multiple Article Directories. There are a ton of article directories on the internet and you should submit unique articles to as many as possible. Look for directories that do not place a rel=”nofollow” in the hyperlink code. This little attribute directs the search engines to not give you any credit for your hard work! Also look for directories that do not scrape content from other sites.

Ebooks and PDF

Offer Something More. Sounds simple, right? Your reader needs an incentive to visit your site. If what you’re offering is information, perhaps an eBook in PDF form would be enough to get them to bite. eBooks can be branded and distributed from person to person. This is a great way to promote your site and your articles.
Write The Perfect Resource Box. Don’t just put “Hi, I’m John Smith and I like to write articles”. Give your reader a call to action! Let them know that there are even more great morsels of information if they click on that link.
Don’t Stop At Just One! To be successful at article marketing you will need to submit numerous articles to numerous sites. Submitting just a handful won’t get the job done. Make it a goal to submit 100 articles in 100 days and watch your traffic grow (but don’t stop there). The more articles the more traffic you’ll see.
Article marketing is simple, it’s free, and with a little effort it can provide huge benefits.