The office, this small piece of furniture essential in the room or the living room to work at home. Without installing a minister’s office, to do homework, storing papers, there is a way to afford a nice office adapted to our needs. Gagstan offers a DIY desktop decor to make with original support.

Indispensable in the children’s room, or a teen room, the office assures their autonomy at the time of homework or manual activities. For adults, the setting up of an office in the corner of the living room, in the entrance, when a room of the house is not dedicated to him, proves they’re also essential to tidy the bills and to install a space decoration and functional for the computer. In this process of joining the useful to the aesthetic, here is a DIY to achieve with a minimum of DIY, an office with ladders in support that serve as both feet and storage racks for the office.

How to make an office with two wood ladders?

desk with ladders
Work desk built with two pine ladders and white melamine boards

Begin by placing the two scales at a distance of 1.60m apart. Place a white melamine shelf 3cm thick and 1.60 long on the 2nd rungs of the ladder to form the desktop. Connect the top of the ladders with another 2.5 cm thick melamine board.

Good to know:

The size of the plates that connect the ladders is to be defined according to the gap set up and the height of the ladders.

Place small boards on the intermediate rungs of the ladder, which will become storage shelves around the desk and fix all shelves using the connecting brackets underneath.

Finally, put baskets, binders, and trinkets on small shelves, and on the large tray that takes the shape of a table, put the computer, the printer …

A storage shelf to do in addition to the office

Promote storage in the office with an original ladder library

On the same concept as the desk, here only one ladder is needed to install a storage cabinet or a mini bookcase near the office.
To do so, bring a beautiful and stable pine ladder, four pine boards of different sizes (1.2m – 1m-80cm and 60cm), brackets, screws and a drill.

Begin by defining its location, so that it is easily accessible from the office. Then lay the pine boards on the bars starting at the bottom with a board about 1.2m and continue to the top with a 60 cm board.

Position the brackets and secure them with screws and drill to hold the boards.

Decorating Tip:

To personalize the office and bring color to it, consider painting the scales.

And now, your office is finished, it remains only to get to work with a good mood!