A little bedroom we love it when decoration tips help us optimize its layout. Small but stylishly decorated, with some small bedroom ideas, we make it a cocoon and comfortable room where it is good to relax at the end of the day.

Having a small bedroom is not necessarily synonymous with inconvenience and discomfort, quite the opposite! Judiciously arranged and decorated, the small room has a cozy cocoon where you like to relax and envelope in peace. Scrupulously organized with this ideas so that everything finds its place and that it feels good despite its small size, here are suggestions for bedroom decor ultra flirtatious that will not fail to inspire yours: storage niches integrated into the headboard to gain space or headboard painted to give an effect of enlargement to the room, bed on stage, dressing room arranged behind a partition doubles functions …. Fill up with deco tips for a small bedroom as charming and comfortable as a big one!

A small decorative bedroom all in length

all in lenght small bedroom layout idea

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This long tiny bedroom knows, despite its small size, provide an ideal and stylish relaxation area. The bed placed against the wall creates a comfortable little cocoon, the pearl gray paint brings softness and serenity, and the whole is highlighted by a light garland. A small room where nothing hangs thanks to a closet converted into a dressing room at the end of the room, ultra charming and 100% comfortable.

A platform is invited in a small white room and pastel pink cocooning

platforms bedroom

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This little bedroom idea draws its charm from the setting up of an ultra deco stage which accommodates a mattress and which offers a very soft space to sleep. With touches of pastel pink given by the armchair, the lighting, and the cushions, this white room is coconut and romantic to perfection.

Built-in storage in a small designer white room

 Optimal storage in this small white room ultra design! A bed with drawers and storage niches integrated into the headboard for a well-ordered room

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Infallible weapon of the little adult bedroom, the storage! Closet above the bed, bed with storage by integrated drawers under the mattress and storage niches in the headboard, this is a small designer room revealed by a white floor that offers a multitude of possibilities for a well-ordered room and where nothing is left to chance!

A storage niche at the head of a bed in a small room

The headboard is practical in this small room with a symmetrical decor and offers a storage niche in the wall to save space

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This is proof that the headboard can be deco and ultra-practical! They are arranged in a wooden storage niche, the headboard hosts suspensions, trinkets, and accessories to save space in this small room with symmetrical decor where everything is precisely aligned to the delight of the eyes!

A headboard deco to enlarge a small room

A headboard in a palette extended with paint on the ceiling, a good idea to widen the room and get a unique decor in a small room

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A lovely trompe l’oeil is used to visually enlarge this small white and gray room! Above the pallet headboard painted in gray mouse, a strip of anthracite gray paint extends to the top of the wall and continues throughout the ceiling creating an impression of depth that turns this small room into a cozy nest at the end — guaranteed deco effect!

A partition at the head of a bed in a small parental room

To organize a small bedroom, build a dressing room behind a barrier that also serves as the headboard is smart and practical!

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So that nothing is messy in the room, the ideal is to have a dressing room. Do not panic if you have a small room; the idea is not utopian! The proof with this small gray room and very flirtatious linen color, thanks to the partition which serves as a side of the headboard and the other to pose a large mirror facing the custom dressing fitted on the wall of the bottom so that he does not nibble on the volume of the room.

A large dressing room in a small room

Here is a super smart dressing room, taking up the ceiling, arranged in a small room to gain space. Storage space saving for a decor at the top

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The wall of the entrance door of this room is finished in dressing using shelves and wardrobe going up to the ceiling in this small room. A ladder mounted on a rail provides access to storage height, and a small hairdresser even finds its place! A cheap dressing to achieve to gain space is sure but which also has the big advantage of being invisible when you enter the room. Dressing that can also be closed with a curtain to be forgotten.

A small white room with a library headboard

A headboard converted into a library, a smart and original idea to get extra storage in this little white room

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The headboard turns into a well-organized library behind the bed of this pretty little white room very bright. A double headboard job and touches of copper given the lights, that’s a pure and 100% relaxing room.