3 Real surprising stories about the law of attraction


The law of attraction, what is it?

What if thoughts were like magnets?

A thinking that works is a thought that triggers an emotion in you. If you evoke a desire without experiencing any emotion, chances are that its realization does not work.

Admire how two people seduce each other. Do you believe that the outcome of their meeting would be identical if no emotion was felt?

No ! People are attracted because their bodies vibrate and their brain is bathed in very pleasing images. 😉

Something’s magic?

There is something magical in the law of attraction. It’s a bit like throwing little weighted messages at stones in a magic well and waiting for a mind to read them and work to trigger happy chances.

Of course, I was more than dubious. And so I tested to finally get the idea that we are truly responsible for all that happens to us.

Story 1: the client

In the evening before going to sleep, I tended to practice a bit of meditation to clear my brain of the stress of the day. Following the precepts of the law of attraction, I added a step to this meditation: the mental formulation of wishes.

But beware, not just the annoying listing of my errands / wishes, no, I started to imagine what I wanted it to be. As if it had already happened.

That night, I imagined myself helping a friendly customer. I imagined the contact, via an email, our telephone conversations, the content of our discussion (advice to be recruited), the joy of helping to help, and its recognition.

One of the keys to success about the law of attraction is to feel emotion by visualizing the goal achieved. That’s what I did. And then hop, I fell asleep, a way to let go. My sleep was excellent, thank you for asking me the question. 🙂

When I woke up, after a few morning exercises and getting ready, I started a “classic” work day, having completely forgotten the wishes I had made the day before.

Around 16H, an email fell on my box. Patrick O. asked me for advice on a future job interview.

I admit to having smiled by opening the initial email by reminding me the wish of the day before.

Story 2: the object

I do not know if you knew the Beyblade tops that kids are playing right now. My son dreamed of having an arena to develop these tops. The same evening, according to an exercise that I reiterate since, I imagined finding the object at the best price (which I had set at $ 2).

The next day, I consulted on my phone a few sites to get ideas for outings. I came across a flea market in 34 minutes of cars. I did not know this part of the region, so I prepared a tasting and my son and I left for this Sunday ride.

There were about 300 exhibitors who had invaded the whole village. We had

been strolling for about an hour when we came across a stand owned by a family that sold an arena and spinning tops … for 4 $ including 2 $ the arena.

You will retort me again (and I understand you): nothing magical about that. Out of 300 exhibitors, there was a high probability of falling on this object.

That’s exactly the thought I had. So we continued our walk without ever stumbling on another booth offering this product …

Story 3: the friend

It had been some time since I had heard from a childhood friend. We were not in contact on Facebook where she was perhaps under a new name after a wedding (and therefore impossible to find). Even the circle of friends I still talked to had no information about him.

So I imagined a simple scene:

She remembered the past and then searched the Internet to find me. I have not changed my identity, it is more convenient to search.

The wish was not realized the next day but 1 month later. More than 20 years later, we re-established contact!

These 3 tests are not scientific proof, I understand it.

But admit that it’s disturbing.

We attract what we think and the more our thoughts are precise, the better they work. And here we go into the field of psychology. Because unconsciously, we act to trigger positive or negative events.

When one is convinced that one is null and unfit for anything, there is a good chance that one will know the failure. Conversely, events are put in place to your advantage.

This is how to proceed to attract the lucky chances in your life:

       1 – Train your thoughts, dream!

Orient your thoughts towards a specific goal. Imagine having achieved this goal. Write (or draw) all the details of your goal.

To promote the effect, speak and write in the present, paste photos at home to reinforce this image. Do not use conditional. Say, “I want.”

“I want 5000 $

“I attract luck every day” “I am surrounded and loved”

“Everything is fine and getting better”

“I’m going on vacation to the Caribbean”

       2 – Feel

Feel the emotions about achieving this goal.

      3 – Do not think about it anymore

These thoughts are stones thrown into a well. Or arrows thrown at a target. Let them deliver their message. Do not be in anxious waiting. Anxious waiting means that you fear that it will not happen. And this fear creates a new goal.

     4 – Relax

Let go and go forward with new wishes that fill you with joy.

Here it was, the positive note of the day. You will now attract what you want, who you want and (almost) when you want. Thoughts are facts.

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