12 minutes exercise routine


Are you busy but want to exercise?

These are the some of the routines that can be performed at home, in a hotel room, or on your lunch break.

  1. Weight training.

This if for the upper part of your body. First, choose a light weight, say 1 to 5 pounds. Start with the bicep curl. The bicep is the two headed muscle on the front of the upper arm. This muscle helps you to bend your arm forward at the elbow. The triceps, which is the 3 headed muscle on the back of the upper arm, helps you to lift your arm straight out behind you. The shoulders are next.

There are three heads on your shoulder : the front, medial, and rear deltoid. Front and side dumbbell raises work the first two parts of the deltoid muscle. Bent dumbbell flyes work the rear deltoid muscle. To work the chest, butterflies performed with the dumbbells hit both the major and minor portion. These 3 sets of 8 repetitions performed for 2 exercises per body part will equal up to a total upper body workout that can be done in 20 minutes.

This principle can also be applied to the lower body but using heavier weights. The quadriceps muscle of the front thigh has four heads that move the body along when walking. Squats and lunges are the workouts which will work your quadriceps muscle. For the back of the legs, the hamstrings, rear

leg curls isolate this muscle for a shapely appearance. Sitting or standing calf raises shape the muscle known as the gastrocnemius. Leg curls from an all fours position on the floor, with the weight held firmly in the bend of the leg isolates the gluteus muscle. Three sets of ten repetitions performed for one exercise per body part can be done in twenty minutes.

  1. Dance.

Dancing is the great exercise which helps to work the entire body and, in particular, your abdominal region. For Dancing, All you need is a CD player :-). With all new steps in dancing, you’ll need a strong core to perform them. Create a CD of your favorite fast paced tunes and have fun while dancing. Twenty minutes of dancing will helps you to burn good amount of calories.

  1. Outdoor Activities. If you have a neighborhood, 20 minutes, and a clear day, then you have a workout. Be slow while starting out and then kick it in gear. Walking works all the muscle groups of the body. Avoid rocky terrain or uneven pavement. This could cause injuries to the ankles and the knees.

Even if it is for only 20 minutes a day, all exercises has some health benefits. You have to pick one that’s interesting for you and if you do so, because you will more likely stick with it over the long term. If none of the above suggestions catch your eye, you can always think of your own.

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