Because a small bathroom must be well equipped, nothing like practical storage and sanitary. A compact vanity, high storage cabinets, a corner bath, mirrors, all useful and decorative elements to optimize space. Demonstration with these 11 pictures of small, well-thought-out bathrooms that take up the challenge of trendy and functional bathroom decor.

When you do not have a lot of space, you have to find tips to furnish and decorate a small bathroom. A compact vanity top, a hip bath, or a small model, a compact shower, or bathroom practical storage, solutions saving space in a small bathroom are not lacking. And the decor is not left out thanks to stylish design furniture and bright paintings that enlarge the area. The proof in photos with this Cool Deco selection of small bathrooms that are cool and practical like never before.

A small bathroom decor and functional

This small bathroom rivals trick storage to make it a practical piece. From the vanity to the shelves everything is well thought out.
Yellow and white with taupe make it a bright SDBVery well organized, this bathroom opts for compact storage furniture.

This small bathroom adopts ergonomic and practical storage furniture. In a modern and solar decor in white and yellow, the elements interlock to save space. A shelf partition separates the vanity from the rectangular tub for more storage. A thoughtful and functional arrangement for this small space that heals his decor.

A small bathroom with storage space

Furnish your small bathroom with high furniture, a handy tip to afford storage to the ceiling without cutting corners on the room.
Compact furniture all in height, this is the trick of space saving this small bathroom.

When you do not have room width in your bathroom, the right idea is to use the space in height. The Ikea storage column in this small trendy bathroom is responsible for making the room more functional. Shallow but high it offers many storage niches. The vanity unit is very discreet thanks to its 40 cm wide. All arranged on a taupe bathroom tile taupe which echoes the parquet teak bathroom.

Corner washbasin cabinet for mini bathroom

In a studio or a small bathroom, think of putting a super compact corner basin with storage. It does not clutter, and it is convenient.
Ideal for small bathrooms, this corner vanity top adapts to all corners.

In this small bathroom with a shower, the vanity top adapts very well to the wall corner to lean against. In a small bathroom, this type of ergonomic furniture with multiple storages is beneficial to save space. And this is not the only advantage since it brings a more deco to the piece thanks to its original shape.

Very small, this blue bathroom with toilet ideally fits thanks to a compact cubic basin and unusually large storage shelves.
This cramped bathroom dares the blue color and optimizes the space to the maximum of the shower to the WC.

From the shower to the toilet there is only one step in this bathroom. The challenge is to make the room functional while maintaining a neat and trendy decor. Shelves serve as primary storage; the small vanity plan frees the space as well as the toilet bowl suspended. Space-saving tips in a cool blue and white bathroom, it’s great!

Painting to enlarge a small bathroom

To give a sense of grandeur to his small bathroom, nothing like a bright bathroom paint. Here is the soft hue Lila.
In this bathroom is the very bright color of the paint that helps to give the impression of a larger room.

To give an impression of grandeur, one can also trick with the bathroom paint. In this mini bathroom with island-shaped freestanding bathtub, for example, it is the combination of Lila and white sanitary stain that cleans the room and gives it a new depth. The brightness of the colors sublimates the whole volume of this small room so that it has everything of great!

Retro style in the small bathroom

Retro furniture, a suspended sink, this small bathroom bath does not forget the decor and combines it with practicality in all elegance.
This small bathroom in retro style does not leave the decoration aside and heals its layout.

Ikea retro furniture painted black iron; this is the practical deco advantage of this small bathroom. Open, they have rather deep shelves for storing towels and other soaps. An old-style wall-mounted washbasin creates a space-saving water spot in this small room, and the reflection in the rounded mirror adds grandeur to this bright, fresh retro bathroom.

A bathroom with a mini bath

A corner bath size mini proves to be a good idea to make his small bathroom a relaxing and pleasant room to live.
A small corner bath, a good idea to save space in the bathroom.

Do you dream of a bathtub in your small bathroom? Think small corner bath! Smoothly blending into space, it gives a real relaxing aspect in his bathroom. You can also create a rim in the continuity of the wall to put your stuff and hang a shelf for storing bath products without losing space.

An optimized layout in a small bathroom

This small and long bathroom Ikea rivals tricks to make practical and free space. The furniture is thought according to the room.
Smartly arranged, this mini bathroom has no shortage of ideas.

Organizing a bathroom of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 m² is not necessarily impossible. This small gray bathroom is proof. Very narrow, it consists mainly of the original furniture. A compact storage column, a rectangular washbasin, and shelves fit perfectly in this small space with modern decor. A shower at the bottom of the room completes the layout of this mini bathroom.

A small modern bathroom with floating furniture

A wooden vanity with built-in drawers, it avoids bulky furniture in a small Zen bathroom and frees the floor space.
In small bathroom furniture that frees floor space is great!

Nothing touches the earth in this overhead bathroom. The suspended washbasin benefits from the storage provided by the small cabinet with two large drawers to avoid clutter. Two small shelves complete the storage as well as the metal cabinet also suspended. The considerable mirror reflects the brightness of this room with light linen paint and sober decor.

Ideal sink for a small bathroom

In this small bathroom, the vanity top plays the double function wash hand/towel holder. A useful trick to avoid cluttering the room.
In a small bathroom, a suspended sink and design is perfect.

Sanitary manufacturers have more than one tip in their bag to design elements suitable for small bathrooms. As with this suspended design sink that also serves as a towel rack. Its ergonomics allows it to be doubly useful but also to give a deco design effect to the room.

A refined decor in a small bathroom

In this small bathroom, compact and straightforward furniture creates a trendy and practical bathroom. A clean and functional deco ideal.
To organize the bathroom efficiently, the storage space competes with inventiveness.

Fresh, bright decor and practical storage, a winning combination for a small bathroom. In this bathroom with a shower, the vanity unit offers storage without losing an ounce of space. In the same way, the column furniture arranged in angle brings storage niches and shelves very useful to better organize the reduced area of this room to the zen and delicate trendy decoration.