10 Plants to Brighten Up Your Balcony


Living in an apartment or townhouse is a popular option for a lot of people in the current housing market, but there’s one big downside to living in this type of accommodation – and that’s the lack of a garden. However, most apartments will come with balconies, and these are a fantastic way to bring a little slice of garden freshness into your own humble abode. So without further ado, let’s explore the 10 best plants that you should be considering if you want to brighten up your balcony.

Planting on your balcony

It may look like you only have a small space, but getting creative on your balcony can allow you to have an outdoor area that you can be proud of. Don’t just think about putting pots on the balcony floor, consider hanging them on the balcony bar, or perhaps installing hooks and investing in some hanging baskets. Building upwards as opposed to only working with the floor space you’ve got will help you to create a magical garden.

With that in mind, here are the best plants you should be considering to brighten up your balcony:

Olive Trees

If you’re hoping to bring a little green foliage upstairs, then why not consider olive trees? These are a fantastic option because they have small leaves, meaning if there is any wind on your balcony it’s less likely to cause damage to your plants. The olive tree is a key essential to brighten up your balcony.

California Poppies

Despite the exotic name, these poppies don’t need the California climate to grow. In fact, these flowers are incredibly hardy and weatherproof, meaning that no matter what they’re faced with on your balcony, they will be OK!

Bleeding Heart

When you’re growing on a balcony the sun can be somewhat lacking, so it’s usually best to choose plants that are quite happy in the shade. The bleeding heart plant is one such flower that will make a great addition to any outdoor space. Its beautiful, dangling flowers resemble hearts that are able to add a bit of romance to any balcony garden.

Clivia lily

This fiery plant will certainly add a spice to your balcony. Its flowers are so bright and vibrant that they will turn the head of anyone who ventures into your outdoor space. A beautiful statement and a true breath of fresh air, the clivia lily is perfect outdoors on your balcony. Although you may need to bring it inside during the winter months if it gets too cold!

Japanese Anemone

Another flower that will do well in the shade is the Japanese Anemone. This plant is a special one because it also has a magical twotone effect that is sure to impress. If you want a pretty flowering plant on your balcony then this is the one for you.


Despite most having to opt for plants that like shade on their balcony, there are ones out there that actually will get a lot of sun. Your sunlight amount will depend on which way your balcony is facing, but if you are one of those lucky ones, then why not consider

growing a petunia plant? They offer exciting, vibrant pink flowers which will bring a lease of life to any outdoor area.

 Cherry Tomatoes

This is a plant that is going to need more than 6 hours of sun a day, so if you feel your balcony get’s that then why not consider growing the cherry tomato plant outdoors? They may not have big, blooming flowers, but the cherry tomato plant has a certain endearing charm that we’re sure most plant lovers will adore.


Another great plant to put on your balcony is the Azaleas. Keep in mind you will need to prune this plant, so make sure you read up on this before investing your time and energy into it. However, they are very pretty and are plants that can be rewarding. If you want something that’s going really going to pop with colour, then consider this option.


The Coleus is a plant that feels at home in a plant pot, of that you can be sure. Not only this, but it’s a plant that favours the shade making it perfect if your balcony is one that doesn’t tend to get a lot of sun.

It’s the leaves of this plant that make it spectacular as they have an edge of green, but the middle of each leaf is filled with a red sunburst of colour. They really are worth investing in and will add a new level of style to any balcony.


Usually available in various shades of pink, purple, grey and white, the Foxglove plant is perfect to add a bit of excitement to your outdoor space. Not only this but the Foxglove likes cooler temperatures and shade, making it perfect for a balcony in a colder country with not much sunlight.

Make sure you invest in this one if you want a balcony plant that will look great but remember, it may take a year or two before the Foxglove begins to flower – but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait.

There are many ways that you can make your balcony garden one to rival the regular gardens of the nation. It’s important to remember that just because your space is small or in the shade, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have an outdoor space full of thriving plant life that you can be proud of.

If you require any pest control for your garden, then why not check out the organic method from Nemasys? Pests will be a thing of the past, and it will be done in a way that’s natural too. Now, you are fully equipped to have a beautiful garden regardless of where you live. Make sure to follow this guide and brighten up your balcony!

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